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You Don’t Have To Hate Marketing Or Run Marketing Campaigns That Make People Hate You

By November 10, 2014November 23rd, 2017Podcast, Ralph and Carol Lynn
You Don’t Have To Hate Marketing Or Run Marketing Campaigns That Make People Hate You

Show Notes

Today we thank you, Fred, for keeping us going by pointing out the madness in marketing. Today’s madness comes courtesy of a Fred who pointed out one marketer’s opinion that “it’s ok to hate marketing.” Well, we have a field day with that and thus follows a conversation and a bit of a rant about high pressure, disingenuous marketing.

In This Episode We Talk About

  • Why you don’t have to hate marketing to be successful
  • How you can market and have integrity, too
  • The misconception that marketing “should be” done by some specific (and usually random) rule
  • Plus we designate a new position for Chief Executive Research Dude, a most honorable title indeed.

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Join the discussion 11 Comments

  • Hi Carol Lynn and Ralph

    Hooray! It’s Monday. Y’know, my favorite day of the week. Begins with “M” and so does the best “M”arketing insights podcast in the universe. And the fact my name begins with “M” has nothing to do with my affinity for your marvelous, magical, mesmerizing, mind-tingling, malarkey-free Monday marketing podcast. It’s simply a mainstay. That’s all. 🙂

    “THE social media content curation” rule. Pfffffffftttttt! How many logs would you like me to throw on this fire?! The 80/20 rule belongs in one and only one location: The incinerator.

    Hmmm … Should I embrace the notion of a mandate allowing others to write poetry for Web Search Social? Sure. Why not? Never let it be said I don’t relish the opening of a can of worms. Heaven knows the two of you are opening a can every week! 😉

    Please don’t get me (or Fred) started on marketing tactics employed during certain “webinars”. Please. Things could get pretty ugly … pretty fast.

    “Shnookered and Screwed” is how less-than-stellar, unethical marketing makes me feel. How do those sleazy creatures sleep at night? I can tolerate a bit of buffoonery. But blatant deception? Nope.

    Pardon me while I step away to share your podcast throughout the kingdom of social media. People need to hear this stuff!

    • Just the fact that Monday is your favorite day of week is something I can add to my list of major accomplishments! It’s so funny that you mentioned your name starting with “M” because I started reading a book that talks about all the subconscious things that affect our behavior and preferences and one of the things the book talks about is people’s propensity for things that start with the same letter as their names. It specifically related to how people with same-letter names as hurricanes tended to donate more to relief efforts. So people whose names started with K were statistically more likely to donate to hurricane Katrina efforts, for example. And there’s my fun trivia for the day 🙂

      In the meantime, we should get busy writing the un-rule book for marketing!

      • Yes! Yes, we should. The “Un-rule Book for Marketing” deserves to hit the bookstore shelves, home office bookcases, and Kindles everywhere! (Look for an email from me)

        ” … propensity for things that start with the same letter as their names.” Intriguing! Holds true for me – plus I’m a lover of alliteration. I can ramble on in “M’s”. 😉

        Keep the cool trivia coming our way!

  • Hi, Chief Executive Research Dude here. 😉
    (looking forwards to my next pay check!)

    Wow, a whole podcast on why it’s not OK to love marketing. Loved it! I love it when you guys get passionate on air, which (let’s face it) is most of the time!

    It’s very refreshing to hear about bringing integrity into marketing. It’s so easy to follow the marketing sheep and start to employ tactics that might bring in returns in the short term but allow you to slide down the slippery slope into the digital marketing sewer of doom. The picture of marketing you paint is the marketing we can all love and believe in. It’s honest and (as Ralph said) can make you sleep well at night. It’s also refreshing to hear because I was starting to believe that it was the evil tactics that were winning.

    Also interesting to hear about some well known marketers making it seem that things are going better with them than they really are. I’ve been talking about this very thing with quite a few other marketers and they’ve said the same thing. It’s a difficult one, because if people are overly honest and if things aren’t going well, it might not look good. How honest can you be? Is it important to project a false image of success in order to be successful (kind of like wagging the tail of a dog to make it happy)? And, what is success anyway? And on that note I shall finish before this turns into a sermon! Here endeth today’s lesson! 😉

    • Sometimes I wake up in the morning feeling cranky and think, “Why am I doing this? I hate marketing.” And then I remind myself I hate THAT kind of marketing. But I don’t have to (and won’t) do THAT kind of marketing. I like to sleep at night. And wake up and not be cranky. So there’s the magic secret formula. Don’t do crapy marketing.

      Welcome to the Web.Search.Social roster. Keep the good stuff coming 🙂

  • Brett says:


    As a member of the Fred Army, thank you for the shoutout and the link. I joked with some friends this weekend about the false universality of the 80/20 rule. It IS a powerful concept (if it’s used to identify what we can leverage for ultimate effectiveness), but it’s not universal by golly!

    Enjoying your show very much – both the read-the-post-out-loud episodes and the winsome banter-y ones. Keep up the good work!

    • Thanks Brett (or should I say Fred). We loved your take on it. Maybe between you, me and the army we can get people to believe in what works and not in “the rule you’ve been told works”.