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Top Marketing Blogs This Week: Fixing Your Writing Screw-Ups, Disappearing Facebook Fans And More

By March 30, 2013October 23rd, 2017From Around The Web
{Web.Search.Social} Marketing Roundup

The awesome thing about the internet is that you never know what you’re going to stumble on or who you’re going to meet. One blog links to another and another… and suddenly a few hours have gone by. In the meantime you’ve learning something… discovered something… maybe even found something to form a brand new opinion about.

This week is all about discovery. I found some new people and some new ideas and picked five of my favorites to share with you. So sit back, dig in and let me know which you enjoyed!

Alden Tans7 Common Newbie Writer Screw-Ups That Make You Look Dumb, And How To Overcome Them

Written by Alden Tan

This is not your average “write great content” post with the same tired advice you’ve heard a million times. Alden makes some great points about mistakes that can sabotage your blogging success and none of them have to do with writing epic content! I have a couple of favorites, including his mistake #4: copying successful bloggers. That might seem like a good idea but it can thwart your success in myriad ways. I’ll let you read more to find out how. And Alden also says the magic words for me in his title “…and how to overcome them.” This post comes with actionable ideas that you can use. Even if you’re pretty good at blogging, I bet you’ll find some good reminders and things to consider here.

This article is currently unavailable. Follow Alden on Twitter @aldentans

Jens-Petter BergetYou Need To Identify The Toilet In Your Business

Written by Jens-Petter Berget

Doesn’t the title of this one totally catch you? Jens has some of the most unique business insights I’ve ever read. He entertains and informs with a perspective all his own. You might not think that a visit to a pizza restaurant and its bathroom could inspire a lesson in business and marketing, yet here it is. And his point is significant: while you’re busy focusing on your core business, what “peripherals” are customers seeing that can reflect on the quality of your brand and company? If you read only one post today, make it this one – you’re bound to walk away thinking long and hard about your toilet.

This article is currently unavailable. Follow Jens on Twitter @berget

Joel CommWhy Your Facebook Fans Are Not Your Fans

Written by Joel Comm

Along with Google (Panda, anyone?) Facebook ranks right up there with companies we love to hate. When Facebook is “just for fun” we grin and bear it but when we spend our time and energy trying to build and maintain a business presence there, it becomes more than frustrating. It becomes a reason to rethink our efforts. Joel’s post is truly fascinating. He ran some experiments on Facebook recently and tracked how many people saw his posts. You’ve got to spend a few minutes poring over these screen shots because you’re going to be stunned at some of the statistics. I’ll let you read and see Joel’s post for yourself but I’ll give you just this one teaser: he found that posts with links that led outside of Facebook (ie: to his blog) had a significantly lower reach even when they had more shares and comments. Put that in your pipe and smoke it… and think about whether you’re wasting valuable time reaching nobody!

Read the article on and Follow Joel on Twitter @joelcomm

Nick ArmstrongWhat To Do When Your Marketing Project Becomes A Wraith

Written by Nick Armstrong

If you’re a Science Fiction fan you’ve heard of Stargate Atlantis. One of my favorite shows of all time! So the title of this post from one of my fellow Word Carnival bloggers caught me right away. And in true Nick fashion, he delivers on humor and great business lessons. If you know what a Wraith is, you’re already shuddering at the thought of having it compared to one of your projects. If you don’t – well, let’s just say you wouldn’t want to look under your desk and find one there. One of my favorite bits of advice from Nick’s post? “Give it a name.” Don’t let that vague, shadowy monster of a project ruin your day! It’s a lot easier to deal with something when you know what you’re dealing with. Read the rest for some more fun and insightful lessons.

Read the article on and Follow Nick on Twitter @WTFMarketing

Rob ReinaldaWhy You Should NEVER Use Absolutes In Your Writing

Written by Rob Reinalda

I’m a bit of a word nerd so this post amused me and of course made me slink off to check the shoulds and nevers in my writing. Which I use. A lot. Rob brings up some great points about words that tend to infuse our everyday vocabulary in a way that can mess with our meaning and credibility. Language can be fun if we use it playfully and a little hyperbole never hurt anyone… whoops, I mean, usually doesn’t hurt anyone. So if you’re like me and enjoy messing around with words, check out Rob’s post and have yourself a chuckle. Then maybe… check some of your writing and clean up a few of those no-nos.

Read the article on and follow Rob on Twitter @word_czar

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Have a great weekend and let me know if you find any new and interesting blogs on the way.

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  • Thanks so much for including my post! 🙂

    There’s some really cool folks on this list, too. Gonna have to check out the ones I haven’t met yet 😀

  • Small Footprints says:

    Excellent articles! I learn so much from visiting your recommended posts and their authors. Loved the “toilet” article and will be checking my blog’s toilet. Thank you for sharing!

  • Ignacio del Villar says:

    Awesome article thanks for all the info is very accurate and educative.

    Like the blog.

  • Adrienne says:

    Hey Carol,

    I might be late but I do enjoy getting around to your roundups. I know you’re always going to be sharing some gems with us.

    So for this one I’ve only read Jens so far and loved that one so will mark these others as must stop by and see. Oh man, now to find the time but I know they’re worth the read.

    Thank you again and enjoy your week.


    • Hi Adrienne,
      Don’t you love Jens? he comes up with the most interesting twists! I know what you mean about time. Believe me, I read a LOT of blogs to come up with 5 each week 🙂 I want to make sure they’re going to be good!