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Top Marketing Blogs This Week: Writing Great Content, Feeling Like A Fraud And More

By August 10, 2013June 29th, 2015From Around The Web
{Web.Search.Social} Marketing Roundup

I found some true gems for you this week – everything from an interesting take on blog headlines to a great post about finding your ideal customer and a variety of other unique and educational posts about business and marketing. Drag up a chair, you’re going to want to enjoy – and employ – these!

Sarah Arrow97% Of Bloggers Increase Their Readership With These Opening Paragraphs

Written by Sarah Arrow

I love this post – partly for its tongue-in-cheek intro and partly for its wonderfully practical follow-up. I don’t want to give too much away but this is a must-read that will help you craft great headlines followed by great content. If you blog, want to blog or are even thinking about blogging, pay attention. If a few more people followed Sarah’s guidelines the world would be a better place. Or at least the digital world would be!

Read the article at sarkemedia and follow Sarah on Twitter @SarahArrow

Elisa GabbertWhat Makes ‘Great Content’ Great? 8 -Able Words For Greater Content

Written by Elisa Gabbert

And if you’re still hankering for more information about how to craft great content after reading the previous post, this one will do you just fine. This focuses less on the specifics of writing it and more on the concept behind it, including overlooked things like how to format and display it. Elisa gives plenty of practical advice and great examples so bookmark this one and refer to it often.

Read the article at and follow Elisa on Twitter @egabbert

Tea SilvestreIs Your Ideal Client Trying To Tell You Something?

Written by Tea Silvestre

You hear a lot about finding and targeting your ideal client but what I bet you don’t hear so much of is how the heck to do that. This is one of the most important strategy posts you will ever read because it’s full of specific, usable and brilliant advice that you can use without a huge budget or a complex plan or much more than a willingness to work and a text document. Tea knows how to get to the heart of a problem and come up with solutions even the smallest small business can use. Read, bookmark and get to work.

Read the article at and follow Tea on Twitter @teasilvestre

Kimberly CastleberryPenguin 2.0 – My Status Update #3 – The Google Free Fall

Written by Kim Castleberry

If the latest Google algorithm updates left you thinking, “Wow, that was awesome! I can’t believe how much better my search traffic is now!” Then you can skip this post. If you are, on the other hand, like the rest of everyone else I know and pretty peeved by the whole thing, this post will help put it in perspective. I’ve got my own rant opinion assessment brewing so come back next week for that but for now, read Kim’s insights to find out what’s going on in the blogosphere, where your traffic has gone and what you might want to be doing instead of drowning your sorrows in a bucket of ice cream. Even the best mint chocolate chip won’t bring your traffic back. Time to get to work elsewhere.

Read the article at and follow Kim on Twitter @AskKim

Hadass EviatarAbout The Imposter Police

Written by Hadass Eviatar

On the tail of last week’s carnival post about Impostor Syndrome, this post is nothing short of perfect timing. I never knew such a thing existed until now but it turns out a lot of us are more lacking in confidence than we’d like to admit. Hadass talks about her experiences with women in the field of science – a field in which you’d expect to find top scholars of personal conviction. Turns out even the best and brightest fear being found as a fraud. Sometimes it’s good to know you’re not alone. Read this post but more importantly, join the conversation in the comments where you’ll find that feeling insecure about your abilities is not uncommon in the least.

Read the article at and follow Hadass on Twitter @HadassEviatar

Do you have a favorite on this list? Let me know!

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