Top Marketing Blogs This Week: Using Facebook Offers, Engaging On LinkedIn And More

{Web.Search.Social} Marketing Roundup

Are you ready to get busy? This week’s roundup (and our first on Friday!) is a winner. It’s full of tips, tricks, how-tos and practical ideas that you can use to boost your marketing. There’s nothing brain-busting here, so relax and take a moment to enjoy trying something new.

Denise WakemanHow to Build Your Email List with Facebook Offers

Written by Denise Wakeman

How’s your Facebook marketing going? Have you noticed that your posts seem to reach fewer and fewer people each day? Even if you could do something about it, you probably can’t keep up with the myriad changes that Facebook makes, let alone discern which can benefit you. Denise to the rescue! She’s got a great how-to plus video that walks you through creating a Facebook offer. The cool thing about an offer is that it’s like an ad… that you don’t have to pay for. Check it out and see if this might be something worth trying!

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Sarah SantacroceDifferent Ways to Engage on LinkedIn

Written by Sarah Santacroce

Speaking of keeping up with social networks, when was the last time you really considered what you could do on LinkedIn besides update your profile and maybe join a group? Yet if you put a little in you may get a lot out. After all, it’s where people go seeking businesses like yours. That’s why I really enjoyed Sarah’s post – she shares some simple but effective ways to engage on LinkedIn, doing some pretty easy things to connect and be noticed. You don’t need all day to do it but you can engage like a rockstar if you follow some of these tips. Why not try one today?

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Daniel Sharkov5 Free Tools to Help Your Blogging and Marketing Productivity

Written by Daniel Sharkov

Blogging is such an important component of a well-rounded marketing strategy – from building your authority to boosting your search rankings (and ultimately generating leads!) but it’s so often neglected by businesses that think it’s too hard or will require too much time. Well, I won’t lie to you – it’s work. But with some planning and a few of the nifty tools that Daniel shares, I bet you’ll find it can not only be profitable, but fun, too. Here’s a sneak peek: one of the tools is an idea generator. You might actually get your gears spinning with this one. While you’re there, see what other tools you can add to your repertoire.

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Myles DannhausenSorry Marketers, Getty Images Didn’t Just Make Your Year

Written by Myles Dannhausen

I thought this was a really neat post because it’s part PSA and part how-to. For starters, you may have heard that Getty Images just made 35 million images available for free use. If you’re just hearing it now, don’t run off to grab them yet! Because if you read the fine print you’ll realize they are probably not free for you. I’ll let Myles explain why, but more importantly, after he’s done he’s going to give you some great advice for thinking beyond stock photos and doing your own awesome and original photography – even if all you have is a smart phone.

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Mitt Ray17 Tips to Attract More Pinterest Website Traffic [Infographic]

Written by Mitt Ray

Ready to get your pin on? Pinterest is fun but you can also make it your business ally. And you don’t even need to have  fancy, gorgeously photographed products to sell. Mitt has shared an infographic that shows you how you can use Pinterest to bring traffic back to your website whatever your business. Use these few simple tips to get your profile up and running and make your pins most effective. If you combine your smart phone photo-taking skills with these Pinterest tips, you just may have a winning combination!

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Tell me… what are YOU going to try today?

Carol Lynn Rivera

Carol Lynn Rivera

I'm a business owner, content creator, podcaster and marketer. In 1999 I founded Rahvalor Interactive, a web and creative services production studio, with my husband and business partner Ralph. In 2011 we created Web.Search.Social, a consulting and marketing service line for small businesses. We also cohost the Web.Search.Social Podcast where we challenge the status quo of marketing and the Carbon Based Business Units podcast where we talk about the human side of being an entrepreneur. On any given day I wear the hat of project manager, consultant, social media manager and content marketer. My true passion is writing and in my spare time I'm busy planning my early retirement to Barcelona as a famous and wealthy novelist.
Carol Lynn Rivera
Carol Lynn Rivera
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