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Top Marketing Blogs This Week: Web Copywriting, On Being A (Human) Brand And More

By August 3, 2013June 29th, 2015From Around The Web
{Web.Search.Social} Marketing Roundup

I’m excited about this week’s roundup. There’s a great spread of information and inspiration and a couple of these posts came together to complement each other quite well. Peruse the titles and give them a gander. There’s a lot worth sinking your teeth into.

Sunny BindraDon’t Be A Brand; Just Be A Better Person

Written by Sunny Bindra

“Personal brand” is only one of the most recent buzz phrases so of course we all worry about our personal brands… and building our personal brands… and protecting and managing our personal brands. But don’t you ever get the sense that there’s a disconnect between the words we use and the things they are supposed to represent? In this post, Sunny puts it into perspective with perhaps one my favorite phrases of all time: “I’m a person, not a brand. Let me focus on being a better person, and the brand will take care of itself.” If you could use a little inspiration and a re-connecting with the meaning behind the buzz, this post is worth your time.

Read the article at and follow Sunny on Twitter @sunnysunwords

Kim ReynoldsGoogle Plus: The Definitive Getting Started Guide

Written by Kim Reynolds

Stop hating on Google Plus! I know it’s “another social network” and you’re already on Facebook and all that is just fine for you. But don’t dismiss this network until you give it a try. There are plenty of people there looking to engage and be part of a community. And this post is just what it says it is – a pretty darn good definitive guide to getting yourself acclimated and finding people to network with. Kim gives you a bit of background and “what it is” info and then dives into how to get started – from setting your profile up effectively to finding and grouping people into “circles”. I bet you’ll find it’s quite simple to do and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by some of the neat features.

Read the article at and follow Kim on Twitter @QRKim

Nick Pettit3 Rules For Writing Web Copy

Written by Nick Pettit

If you’re not a writer but still write as part of your job (and who doesn’t??) then you know that it’s important to communicate clearly. You probably also know that it can be tough to write clearly! Sometimes things sound great in your head but don’t translate as well to the page. In this post, Nick gives you three suggestions for improving the quality of your writing. And they are not complex, brain-killing things, either. They’re simple things you can do every time a word leaves your fingertips. There’s also a clever Mark Twain quote thrown in that you might want to tack to your computer monitor. Better go read to find out what it is.

Read the article at and follow Nick on Twitter @nickrp

Rilee Chastain6 Signs That You May Not Have A Digital Marketing Strategy

Written by Rilee Chastain

The tagline of this post says it all: “Is your company ‘doing without thinking'”? One of the biggest favors that you can do for yourself and your business is to plan first, do second. In this post, Rilee gives you some great advice to check your plan against. You can either breathe a sigh of relief as you check off each item or you can get to work improving your plan!

Read the article at and follow Rilee on Twitter @RileeChastain

Yvette PistorioSocial Media Marketing: Tactics Versus Strategy

Written by Yvette Pistorio

And just in case you were wondering… there is a difference between your strategy and the tactics you use to execute it. Scheduling your social updates, writing your blog posts, commenting and engaging… all great tactics. But before you get all gung-ho doing that stuff, read Yvette’s post for some more insight into marketing strategy, why it matters, what it means and how it’s different than your daily tasks.

Read the article at and follow Yvette on Twitter @eveypistorio

I hope you enjoyed these as much as I did. Now go ahead and enjoy your weekend!

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