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Top Marketing Blogs This Week: Tips For Speakers, Successful Lead Generation And More

By August 17, 2013June 29th, 2015From Around The Web
{Web.Search.Social} Marketing Roundup

Welcome to another weekend roundup edition of some of the best business and marketing blogs you’ll read all week! Today’s bunch has a little bit of information and a little bit of fun so enjoy your favorites.

And remember, we’re always on the lookout for great blogs so if you have one or would like to suggest one, leave us a comment below!

Michael Nelson5 Keys To Revolutionary Lead Generation

Written by Michael Nelson

This post gets right to the point: it’s not about how much great content you post or how much traffic you get to your website. It’s about leads and sales. You may be trying to produce content and increase traffic with the end goal of making sales but if you find yourself frustrated by slow (or no) results, you might want to read this and brush up on your lead-generating strategies. Michael gives you a conceptual model that you can follow and apply to your business. You may also want to download his report (you’ll also get access to his video course) so you can get a more in-depth look at how to apply lead-generation to your business.

Read the article at and follow Michael on Twitter @CogentCoach

Dan Cristo7 Tips For Conference Speakers

Written by Dan Cristo

Even if you’re not yet on the speaking circuit, I bet you’ve been to at least one presentation that was a total snore. Don’t you wonder how they let some people up in front of a crowd at all? If you’re doing speaking gigs or plan to, this is a great post full of tips for how not to bore your audience – and more importantly how to keep them captivated and wanting more. Dan knows what he’s talking about and gives lots of great examples of how you can give an entertaining, informative presentation. See how many of these you can incorporate into yours.

Read the article at and follow Dan on Twitter @dancristo

Roxanne Roark50 Tweetable Social Media Tips For You And Your Business

Written by Roxanne Roark

This post is just plain fun. It may even help you fill up your Twitter queue on a slow day. As the title suggests, this post breaks down some nifty social tips and ideas into tweetable chunks. Double bonus: you can use them on Facebook, too. Roxanne makes it super easy on you, too, with a “click to tweet” button next to each one so you can immediately share your favorites (complete with hashtag). Or if you’re a Buffer fan, start queuing them up to share with your audience. You may even learn a thing or two just by reading through them. One of my favorites? #7: #PinterestTip: Change your board covers to your most popular pins, or “prettiest” to encourage more followers and pins.

Read the article at and follow Roxanne on Twitter @r3socialmedia

Laura ClickBuilding A Company Website: Which Option Is Right For You?

Written by Laura Click

So you want a website! Now where the heck are you supposed to start with that?? Do you notice how sometimes the more choices we have, the less we can decide what to do? When it comes to building a website there are options galore – from DIY to professional agencies – and there are even options within options. Just think of how many DIY tools exist. In this post Laura takes a look at some of your primary options (and no, Fiverr isn’t one of them… and neither is the lady in the garage) as well as outlines the pros, cons and time and budget investment of each. If you’re overwhelmed by all the choices, start here to see which path sounds right for you.

Read the article at and follow Laura on Twitter @lauraclick25

John Anyasor25 Top Inbound Marketing Articles Of The Week: August 16, 2013

Written by John Anyasor

How’s this for a treat? A wrapup within a wrapup! This post will give you not five but twenty five great blogs on everything from SEO to social to content and email marketing. John does an amazing job collecting some bright people and ideas. One of my favorites gives 37 email marketing tips and is written by Henneke Duistermaat (come on, admit it: you love list posts). Oh, and I’m also partial to the one written by our very own Ralph M. Rivera about how to schedule your social marketing (with a free social calendar download)… (Thanks, John!) I’ve bookmarked a few myself so don’t be surprised if you see some of these people show up on this wrapup. In the meantime, check them out and you’ll really get your smarts on this weekend.

Read the article at and follow John on Twitter @janyasor

Enjoy the weekend and remember to share YOUR favorite blogs!

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  • Roxanne R. Roark says:

    Thank you so much for sharing my article on your blog, Carol! I’m really glad you enjoyed the 50 tweetable tips! And they are certainly good for Facebook, or even Google Plus, too! You’re right! I also appreciate this post, I’m looking forward to the other valuable content I’m sure I’ll find here. 🙂

    • Carol Lynn Rivera says:

      Thanks Roxanne, I actually found quite a bit of use for those tweetables! I love snippets like that!

  • Great round up, Carol! I really loved Michael’s post. I’m so glad you included it – excellent tips there. I look forward to checking out the others as well.

    Thanks for the shout out too! I hope it helps people tackle their website problem and avoid the “lady in the garage!”

    • Carol Lynn Rivera says:

      Let’s hope! Maybe if we surround them and keep beating the same drum it will start to sink in!

  • UpCity says:

    Awesome, thanks for including me in this roundup. Really appreciate it!

    – John

  • Michael Nelson says:

    Thanks for including me in your collection! I can’t wait to read the other articles listed as well!

    Have a great day – Michael

  • Joe Clarke says:

    Hey lynn,Well researched article !!