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Top Marketing Blogs This Week: Tracking Link Shares, Naming Your Blog Posts And More

By December 21, 2013July 1st, 2015From Around The Web
{Web.Search.Social} Marketing Roundup

It’s the last weekend roundup of the year! Since so many of us will be busy dunking our heads into vats of eggnog (or maybe I should just speak for myself…) we’re taking next week off for some friends-n-family time. We’re leaving you with some great stuff to ring your year out, so grab the hot chocolate and cozy up with your favorite authors.

Ian ClearyGoogle URL Builder: How to Track Links Shared

Written by Ian Cleary

Finding this post was fortuitous since we just wrote about tracking your links as a way to measure your social media success. But we didn’t get too deep into how to do it. Ian to the rescue! He’s got a great step-by-step tutorial for how to set up and configure links and where to find them in your Google analytics later. There’s also some screenshot goodness so add this to your to-do list and start tracking the effectiveness of your social shares.

Read the article at and follow Ian on Twitter @IanCleary

Nicole FendeDon’t Fall Victim To The Serial (Profit) Killer!

Written by Nicole Fende

If you’re a horror movie fan then you’ll love this analogy between the occasional axe murder and the horrors of a bad website. Nicole takes a good, hard look at how goof-ups on your website can lead to profit death and then shares her “run the other way” solutions to make sure you’re maximizing the sales potential of your site. This post is fun and educational at the same time. See how your website measures up and then get about the business of improving it before your customers give it a hatchet job.

Read the article at and follow Nicole on Twitter @NicoleAFende

Brian DeanSEO Strategy Case Study: #1 Ranking With Guestographics

Written by Brian Dean

You’ve probably heard that guest posting can be a good strategy for bringing traffic back to your site (or at least for building some back links). But how about guestographing? Brian spins the idea of guest posting with an interesting take on using infographics to entice other blogs to borrow and steal your content (with link love, of course). This is a top-to-bottom how-to, from sussing out good topics for your infographic, to putting it together, to contacting people who may be interested in publishing it, to (the best part) making it stupid-simple for people to share. You may want to bookmark this one and add it to your arsenal.

Read the article at and follow Brian on Twitter @Backlinko

Jeannie WaltersCustomer Personas Need To Get Real in 2014

Written by Jeannie Walters

Do you have a realistic view of your customers or are you taking more of a Stepford Wives approach to personas? That’s the question Jeannie asks in this post and it resonated with me because I have my own opinion on the subject of “ideal” customers. Beyond simply telling us what we’re doing wrong, she makes a case for how to do it right. And with a brand new year right around the corner, why not start off with a stronger foundation than ever?

Read the article at and follow Jeannie on Twitter @jeanniecw

Iris ShoorThe Dark Science Of Naming Your Post : Based On Studying 100 Blogs

Written by Iris Shoor

Doesn’t it feel like the search for the perfect title will never end? Sometimes we think we’ve hit on a gem but it falls flat. Others, the most banal of statements can trigger mass readership. In this fascinating post about what works – but what works better – Iris gives some great examples of titles along with an explanation of what makes them come out on top. It’s the ideal resource to bookmark and pull out the next time you’re struggling to sum up your brilliant content in ten words or less. There’s even a “what not to do” section that’s worth a read so you can be sure you don’t sabotage your own efforts with some otherwise innocuous words.

Read the article at and follow Iris on Twitter @IrisShoor

Happy holidays to all and I hope you have plenty of fun, relaxing and rejuvenating time with your friends and families!

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