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Top Marketing Blogs This Week: Improve Your Facebook Page, Grow Your Twitter Community And More

By June 8, 2013June 28th, 2015From Around The Web
{Web.Search.Social} Marketing Roundup

This week the blogs just flew at me. In a flurry of excellent posts about business, marketing, time management and inspiration, I reached out, closed my eyes and grabbed a few. This roundup is the result. The rest I shared on Twitter so if you don’t already, follow me there (I’m a pretty good follow-backer if you’re pretty good at not spamming!) In the meantime enjoy this weekend’s notable posts!

Ryan BiddulphSocial Media Marketing: 4 Warning Signals Of Overuse

Written by Ryan Biddulph

Do you occasionally wonder what on earth you did with all those hours in a day before social media came along? Imagine a time before posting, checking status updates, “engaging” and building online communities in a 24/7 world. I bet you feel a little sense of longing for all that open space. Well, the good news is that you don’t have to trade one for the other. You can work and play online and still have a life. But first you have to recognize the signs that you’re overdoing it. In this post, Ryan gives you four great reasons to unplug and rethink your methods. First he tells you how to recognize when you’re crossing the line between productive social media use and obsessive overuse. Then he gives you some ideas for how to approach your social media instead. If you use social media for your marketing, this is a post you need to read.

Read the article at and follow Ryan on Twitter @RyanBiddulph

Kristi Hines10 Ways Strengthen Your Twitter Community With

Written by Kristi Hines

I created a account a long time ago – or it feels like a long time ago in internet years – and I admit that I never really got it. It just seemed like another thing I had to manage. So when I came across this post I decided to give it another look and see what I’d missed. And I’m glad I did. Part of the problem with new tools is that there’s a learning curve that requires you to sit there and tinker blindly for a long time with little instruction until you uncover what can be done. Sometimes all you need is someone like Kristi to tell you what can be done. She highlights some interesting features and make it easy to understand why you’d want to use a tool like this. My favorite perk? The ability to see a history of your engagement with specific followers. With thousands of them and growing, that’s worth the price of admission. Take a look and see how this tool can help you grow your Twitter community.

Read the article at and follow Kristi on Twitter @kikolani

Cate ConroyBeat Writer’s Block – 6 Tips From Writers

Written by Cate Conroy

Whether you’re writing a blog post, advertisement or sales page, writer’s block doesn’t care – it can strike whenever you attempt to put word to page. There are plenty of tips out there to get you over this frustrating hurdle but when it comes to avoiding that stare-at-blank-screen-of-death mentality, you can never have too many. Plus Cate gives you a few to play with that aren’t as common, collected from writers across a variety of industries. I especially like her tip about (strategically) reading other blogs and collecting headlines that catch your interest, whether or not they apply to your topic or industry. With a little bit of wordplay you can substitute your own keywords into a self-made “formula” and come up with a headline that will be just as catchy. And isn’t the headline half the battle anyway?

Read the article at and follow Cate on Twitter @cate

Nicole MunozTop 10 Video Marketing Mistakes

Written by Nicole Munoz

It’s great to read posts about how to tackle video marketing, pick up some tips and tricks and then get out there and work on your next “viral” masterpiece. But sometimes you need to know what not to do. Sometimes, even with all the good advice, if someone isn’t giving you a good whack over the head with the dumb stuff, you may never even realize you’re missing opportunities or losing your viewers. Nicole lays out 10 pretty big deals when it comes to video marketing and then gives you advice for how to fix or avoid these mistakes. Some are things you’d expect to see that are relevant to any marketing you do (mistake #5: failing to know your audience) and others are not-so-obvious but can really throw a monkey wrench into your efforts (mistake #9: ignoring YouTube’s built-in analytics). There are more goodies in this post, so if you’re doing video marketing, thinking about doing video marketing or know you haver to jump in one of these days, read more to find out how you might sabotage your efforts and then act on these tips to improve them.

Read the article at and follow Nicole on Twitter @NicoleMunoz

Louise MyersImprove Your Facebook Page With The Facebook Page Checklist!

Written by Louise Myers

This post is the cherry on the roundup cake. It’s short, sweet and comes in pretty colors – namely in the form of a handy infographic that you will probably want to print and hang on your wall so that when you get bogged down in the daily grind of keeping up with your quadzillions of followers, you can always get back to basics and make sure the details of your social presence are in line with your brand. And like cake, there’s always room for more… and Louise serves up more by linking many of the key points to further reading and additional in-depth instructions. So whether you just want the icing or are looking for a big bite of Facebook help, check out this post and make sure your Facebook page and profile are ready for business.

Read the article at and follow Louise on Twitter @Louise_Myers

No matter what the weather is like outside your window, I hope you have a sunny weekend!

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