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Top Marketing Blogs This Week: Getting Motivated, Building Customer Loyalty And More

By February 2, 2013June 28th, 2015From Around The Web
{Web.Search.Social} Marketing Roundup

It’s time for another wrapup of five of this week’s best from around the web. I always start out the week and think to myself, “Self, wouldn’t it be great to come up with five posts on a theme? Say, 5 content marketing posts or 5 SEO posts, so people could get a really in-depth view from different perspectives?”

And then I start tearing through my RSS reader like a kid through birthday wrapping paper and I can never settle on a theme, or even 5 for that matter, so I ponder and whittle and obsess until finally there is a hodgepodge of some of the most interesting, enlightening, amusing and/or unique stuff I find.

So there you have it. No method to my madness, except for stuff that resonated with me and I hope will resonate with you. Maybe a theme would be boring anyway.

Lucky for you these posts are anything but. They’re fresh and original and all quite different. Find one that inspires you!

8 Not-So Obvious Ways To Make More Out Of Your Blog Posts

Written by Daniel Sharkov

Daniel’s bio says he’s 18 years old. I’m pretty sure he’s lying. The insights and advice he offers are smarter than a lot of business people who claim to have been around the block. So maybe he’s just been blogging, testing and learning this stuff since he was two. Either way, these are clear, concise ways that you can repurpose, reuse and extend the shelf-life of your content without burning too many brain cells. It would be silly not to do at least one of these. (Sneak peek bonus: “Write a Part Two”. Admit it. You hadn’t thought of that.) Instead of taxing yourself to keep churning out new content, use these tips to capitalize on what you’ve already got.

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Customer Experience Trumps Content Marketing

Written by Geoff Livingston

I mentioned this post just yesterday but it’s worth mentioning again because Geoff says something outrageous: content marketing is overhyped. Whoa! What about “creating value”? What about “thought leadership”? What about that editorial calendar you downloaded from me last week because I told you how you totally have to blog and do it on a schedule? Far from knocking content marketing, Geoff makes a point worth pondering: content is only part of the marketing equation. This is a lesson worth noting for those who have been swept up by the content fad. There’s a lot more to winning customers over so read this if you want plenty to think about.

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Battle Of The Brains: Seven Ways To Shut The Lizard Up.

Written by Sandy McDonald

Each month I participate in a Word Carnival with some super smart cookies. This month’s topic was about getting motivated and learning to love your business again. You may have caught that on Wednesday and maybe you even clicked through to some of the other carney posts. If not, you missed this gem. Science meets humor meets practical tips in this post about dealing with the ways our own brain can sabotage us. Sandy teaches and amuses with a spin on motivation that you don’t hear often (ever?). Enjoy this geeky glimpse into our Lizard brain and all the ways it gets in our way and then use Sandy’s tips for taming that evolutionary beast into submission. PS: How can you not love a post that uses the word “awfulizing”?

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Don’t Mistake Longevity For Loyalty: The Difference Between Long-Time And Loyal Customers

Written by Carla Young

This post is the perfect complement to yesterday’s reflection on brand loyalty. Carla makes an interesting statement in this post that we can train customers to be loyal. It’s a unique perspective that got my gears spinning. Instead of the tired “loyalty programs” that we often think of, we can teach our customers to give us feedback (instead of getting disgruntled and leaving), refer friends (I bet most would if they had a spare brain cell to think about it) and more. Carla’s long-time vs. loyal points are right on. Take a look and start thinking about how you can apply these principles to your business.

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Stepping Up

Written by Erica Holthausen

Erica tells a story that starts with her experience as an attorney and takes you through her current career as a marketer with a big lesson at the end about growing and learning. In a nutshell? “Filter everything you read, everything you learn, and everything you do through your own personal lens.” In other words, forget the experts, gurus and high-pressure sales pitches. Know yourself. Trust yourself. Erica reflects on that squirmy place we’ve all been, namely, eager to learn, easily frightened by people who “know more” than we do, and often bamboozled by the glitz of a hard sell. If you’ve ever made a mistake, or think you might just make one again, read this.

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That’s this week’s wrapup! Which one resonates with you the most?

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  • nick catricala says:

    Carol, yes, for sure “Stepping up” got my attention and when I went to read it.. I say to my self.. now this is the way. Love the part of: “Filter everything you read, everything you learn, and
    everything you do through your own personal lens.” The reason I like it is because I love to that my self.. visibly or not :-0
    thanks so much for your great work and research.

    • Thanks Nick, I’m glad you liked that one! I thought it really spoke to something we can all relate to – wanting “the answer” from someone else, looking for help and getting a slick sales pitch instead. Thanks for reading!

  • Wow, Carol, you sure just filled up my blog reading for the week end.

    Because I’m so darn busy ALL THE TIME I find it so very tough to find read MORE blogs than I already do, but I know I HAVE to, so thank you so much for these.

    Have a great Sunday!

  • Thanks Carol, 4 more to add to my reader 🙂

  • Donna Merrill says:

    OMG Carol,

    These all look interested to me. There is only so little time to read but that is an “excuse” I make for myself. I think I’ll start with Battle of the Brains. I like science and humor.

    Thanks for sharing this!

  • I have bookmarked them all reading time for me is scare but it’s great to have a list to go to when time permits 🙂

  • This is a great roundup of posts and always adds more flavor when you bring in other articles that have what you want to say. I read Daniel’s and it is good, just more of a rewrite of things I have read from seasoned bloggers. However, that is a good thing… we are seeing younger bloggers choose the right path in blogging by giving great and necessary information.

    • I agree, I liked his summary of “other” ideas and sometimes you just need that overview where something strikes you and you think, “Oh, yeah, I can do that!” Better than all the spammy links, ads and other junk you see so much of!

  • Thank you, Carol Lynn. Really appreciate the shout out.

  • Carol, I am so touched and honored to be included in your wrap-up! And I’m thrilled to be hanging out with such great company! It looks like I’ll be adding a few more blogs to my reader!

    • I really enjoyed your post, Erica. I like your style and that was one loud-and-clear message! My husband likes to say the same thing to me when I’m complaining .. “What are you going to do about it?” Kind of stops you right there!

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