Top Marketing Blogs This Week: Content Marketing Ideas, A #FF Twitter Rant And More

By January 12, 2013June 28th, 2015From Around The Web
{Web.Search.Social} Marketing Roundup

If you enjoyed last week’s roundup you’re going to love this one, too.

The only down side to pulling together five great posts is that it’s so hard to choose only five. I’ve got tribe mates and blog groups and colleagues all over the place who are content creating machines and I’m constantly impressed by the variety of lessons, opinions and ideas that I find.

Today’s collection covers everything from the practical world of creating and using content to the more ethereal world of inspiration.

Let me know which were your favorites!

Three Lessons I Learned From Being Homeless

Written by Nancy Davis as a guest for Mark Schaefer

What would you do if you went from a well-paying job to being homeless, weeding other people’s gardens for food? I can’t even answer that question. It would be a nightmare beyond imagining. But Nancy did just that… and persevered… and made it through to the other side. She shares her story and some inspirational words here that should make you appreciate what you have – and know you can recover, even if the worst happens.

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#Follow Friday Much? My Love-Hate Relationship With Fan Base-Building Tactics

Written by Tea Silvestre

To lighten things up we’ve got a mini-Twitter rant for anyone who wonders why their Twitter streams are full of #FFs and #WWs and other seemingly meaningless shout-outs. But in true Tea fashion, she isn’t satisfied with just wondering. She actually goes out and asks people why they do it. Here’s her take on the ubiquitous #FF, with some “whys” from some prominent people who do it and a good lesson in how to do it right.

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Repurposing Content: The Definitive Guide

Written by Eugene Farber

Have you ever sat down at your computer, looked at your blog and at all the social sites you belong to and just hung your head in despair, wondering how you’d ever come up with content to share at all these places? A single blog post alone can take a few hours to write! And now you’re supposed to be doing this whole “content marketing” thing which would be great except for the fact that you’re also actually trying to do your job, which usually involves client work that makes you money! (Come on, I know it’s not just me.) If you feel even a little overwhelmed by this, Eugene has a laundry list of ways that you can create once and use many times. Stop trying to reinvent the wheel. Read this post instead.

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20 Ideas For Content That People Love To Share On Social Media

Written by Jeff Bullas

Creating content is great but how about creating some that people actually care about? You know you want to see that number go up on your Tweet and Share counter! A master of social, Jeff gives you plenty of ideas you can use. You’ll walk away from this list with at least one blog post percolating. But try not to get lost here because almost every one of his suggestions comes with a link to yet another post that expands on the point and gives you even more stuff to think about. Do not try to read this while making dinner. You’ve been warned.

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19 Things We Can Learn From Numerous Heatmap Tests

Written by Peep Laja

First of all, visit Peep’s “About” page to get the correct pronunciation of his name and then tell me you agree that his photo looks like he pulled it right out of Harry Potter mythology. Ok, when you’re done doing that, check out this really interesting post about what various heatmap studies have shown about how people read and interact with our content. For the true marketing junkie, you’ll walk away wondering how you can reposition your eBook and slide your webinar announcement and add just oooonnnneeee pixel more so that you can capture your audience’s attention where it’s hottest.

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What do you think? Any of these titles grab you right away? Let me know!