Top Marketing Blogs This Week: Check Your Website’s Health, Annoying Grammatical Mistakes And More

By October 12, 2013June 29th, 2015From Around The Web
{Web.Search.Social} Marketing Roundup

This week’s roundup is full of practical advice and help that you can use immediately, whether you want some Twitter marketing tips or a way to evaluate the quality of your website. The grammar police are making a visit too, so check to see if you’re breaking any rules that could haunt you later!

Mike DevincentWhy I Unsubscribed From Your Email List

 Written by Mike DeVincent

This post seemed only appropriate after our take on email open rates this week. And while obsessing about unsubscribes isn’t necessary, either, it is something you may want to keep an eye on. If you’re losing people faster than you’re gaining them, it could be a sign that something is going wrong. In this post, Mike tells you WHY it’s going wrong, in plain language so that there should be no question about it! I agree with him, too. I used to be like Mike, and subscribe to every email newsletter under the sun. Until I didn’t. Check out this entertaining – and hopefully inspiring – post and then do something about your list before we unsubscribe from yours, too!

Read the article at and follow Mike on Twitter @VictoryTrack

Tim BonnerGrammatical Errors: The Devil’s In The Detail

Written by Tim Bonner

I know I tell you to break the rules a lot, and that can be a good thing when you’re trying to infuse some personality into your writing. But if you break the wrong rules, you’re going to end up jut looking dumb. There are some things you need to know if you want to maintain a professional, credible image and Tim’s got a nice list of a few of those things. Even better, he’s got some neat resources that you can use to check your grammar and make sure your writing is up to par. The next time you’re tempted to add an apostrophe where you’re not quite sure it belongs, check this post first.

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Mike FitzpatrickHow Good Is Your Website? Find Out Here

Written by Mike Fitzpatrick

Talk about practical stuff! If you have a website and care even a little bit about it and how well it’s working for you, this is a great place to start. Mike shares a few things that you can be looking at and measuring, evaluating and improving. He even suggests some tools that you can use to do it. It’s a pretty comprehensive laundry list, so get ready to bookmark some of these tools and start giving your website a good checkup.

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Dino DoganHow To Build A Business People Give a Shit About

Written by Dino Dogan

A $4,000 jacket. A strategy meeting. Some very brilliant minds. And the result was this post (well, I bet the result was a rocking business and marketing plan, but this post, too!) You may know Dino as the co-founder of Triberr, but he is also a pretty smart marketing guy. So when he asked, “Why should anyone give a shit about this company?” I wondered, too. If you want someone to give a shit about your company, you should read this post. Dino says some hard things (ie: most people DON’T give a shit about your company. And profit doesn’t necessarily drive success.) But he always speaks the truth in a way that is both practical and inspirational.

Read the article at and follow Dino on Twitter @dinodogan

Sanjeev MohindraHow To Get More Than 140 Characters In Tweets With Twitter Cards

Written by Sanjeev Mohindra

Are you using Twitter cards? Did you even know such a thing existed? Turns out you can squeeze more than 140 characters into a tweet if you’re smart about it – and you can do that with Twitter cards. Sanjeev has written a thorough post about what they are,  what types there are, how to set them up and when, why and how you may want to use them. If you’ve got a video or blog post to share, you may want to check this out. He’s also done you the favor of including a video so you can follow along as he walks you through the setup and then you can see Twitter cards in action.

Read the article at and follow Sanjeev on Twitter @makewebworld

I hope you found something here that you can use! Let me know if you’ve got any ideas or questions for next time!