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Top Marketing Blogs This Week: The Law And Social Media, Local Marketing And More

By July 27, 2013June 29th, 2015From Around The Web
{Web.Search.Social} Marketing Roundup

This is a great week for a wrapup because I found quite a bit of diversity out there, from cool infographics to a bit of sobering info about the legal concerns surrounding social media. These are all informative and interesting topics, so be sure to find your favorites and enjoy.

Mike AlltonThe Seven Habits Of Highly Effective Google Plussers

Written by Mike Allton

We talk a lot about Facebook and Twitter, but have you really given Google Plus a go? Maybe you don’t know if it’s right for you or you aren’t sure how to get started. Well, the good news is that it’s a whole lot like every other social network – and that means it’s about the people. It’s also about engaging people and in this post Mike gives you seven common sense ways to make that happen. It’s not rocket science. All it takes is a little bit of paying attention and a post like this to kickstart you in the right direction.

Read the article at and follow Mike on Twitter @mike_allton

Michael Wells Jr.Ten Things Politicians And The Rest Of Us Should Know About The Law And Social Media

Written by Michael Wells Jr.

Social networks can be fun and a great way to promote our businesses but when was the last time you wondered about the legal implications? We hear a lot about using photos illegally on blogs and if you’re not careful that can land you in some hot water. But this post is about things that you can say and do that may not only land you in hot water but have much more serious personal and legal implications. Michael is an attorney so he knows a thing or two about the topic. I suggest you read his post and spread it far and wide to your young entrepreneur friends as well as old hats who may be going about the social world rather blindly.

Read the article at and follow Michael on Twitter @slnc01

Bob DunnWhat Exactly Is Google Page Rank? [Infographic]

Written by Bob Dunn

For a little easy reading and to clear up the Page Rank mystery, this is a neat little infographic that Bob found to share. Although it’s never a good idea to obsess over one metric (and when it comes to Page Rank, there seems to be an awful lot of obsessing) it’s certainly helpful to understand what it means, how you get it and why it matters. More importantly you want to be sure not to abuse the concept because we all know how Google feels about overt SEO (ie: bad). Check this infographic out and see if it helps you get to the bottom of the mystery.

Read the article at and follow Bob on Twitter @bobWP

Nicole Munoz10 Smart Moves For A Successful Local Marketing Campaign

Written by Nicole Munoz

If you’re a local business looking to attract a local crowd, this is a nice list that covers both online and offline promotional ideas and avenues, from Yelp to meetups. Nicole gives you action items you can add to your marketing plan right now and stir up a little bit of that local buzz you’ve been looking for. The great thing about local marketing is the plethora of opportunities available so take advantage of a few of these and make it a point to start exploring other local options that may be available for your industry and area.

Read the article at and follow Nicole on Twitter @NicoleMunoz

Sonia WinlandHow To Avoid Fake Guest Posts Disguising As Promotional Bait

Written by Sonia Winland

This one spoke to me this week because holy cow, do we ever get spam guest post requests around here! But sometimes it’s tough to tell if a request is good or bad. If you’re like me, sometimes you read a long-winded request only to wonder, “Is this person legit??” Hang around long enough and you’ll notice some of these things start to repeat themselves, which is a pretty good indicator that it’s spam. But if you don’t have forever to wait or you’re just not quite sure if a request is worth your while, read Sonia’s post for some common spammy requests so you’ll recognize which ones you should avoid.

Read the article at and follow Sonia on Twitter @LogAllot

Have a great weekend!

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  • Hi Carol,
    Nice roundup of information here. Thanks for sharing!

  • Sonia says:

    Hey Carol! Thank you so much for featuring my post. It was a fun write up, but do they annoy the hell out of me every time I get a stupid request. I took my guest post request down for a long time and still only leave it on by invitation only (hat tip: Adrienne Smith) to protect my blog. You just never know, but as you crawl closer to saying yes, they ALWAYS reveal their true colors.

    • Carol Lynn Rivera says:

      Good grief! I get those all the time. At first I thought well, this person has taken time to write a whole thing…. and then I find out they are really ridiculous. I have also taken the guest request form off my site and now I tell everyone we don’t accept them except by invitation. It’s too much work to parse through all that junk.