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Top Marketing Blogs This Week: Being Unforgettable On Social Media, Efficient Meetings And More

By February 8, 2014July 1st, 2015From Around The Web
{Web.Search.Social} Marketing Roundup

Are you ready for another roundup of some great marketing and business blogs? Today’s authors cover the gamut from social media to real, live, in-person meetings (remember those?) You’ll find a bunch of useful and unique advice here so read on!

Rebekah Radice3 Steps To Being Unforgettable On Social Media

Written by Rebekah Radice

Step one to being unforgettable: come up with irresistible titles like this! The first thing Rebekah says in this post is that we humans have evolved to a point where we have a shorter attention span than… omg, look at the monkey! Wait, what? Um… better go read the post. This is some solid advice with plenty of tips that you can practice and implement so I highly suggest that you give them some serious thought and get your social presence in order. Otherwise, you might as well be talking to yourself.

Read the article at and follow Rebekah on Twitter @RebekahRadice

Stephan HovnanianGuest Blogging Is Dead, So Is Email Marketing, SEO…

Written by Stephan Hovnanian

Every day something else in marketing dies. Today it’s SEO, tomorrow it’s blogging… you just never know when a whole platform or tactic will kick the bucket. Fortunately, Stephan throws a little dose of reality onto the constant hype. First, he shares some very good reasons why the “this is dead” ideology is… well, dumb. Then he gives you some great tips for avoiding falling into the dead zone yourself. Because the truth is, if you’re misusing or overusing any marketing tactic, chances are that even the smallest change will feel like death to your marketing.

Read the article at and follow Stephan on Twitter @stephanhov

Hans M HirschiEfficient Meetings, Live, Online Or By Phone

Written by Hans M Hirschi

When we work online it’s easy to forget there are scenarios in which we must meet with  live human beings. Then there are other times we wish we could forget such a thing existed. Meetings can last forever, get off track and go nowhere. That’s not  confined to in-person meetings, either. The online kind can go just as badly. But done right, they can be purposeful and productive. Want to know how to make the most of your meetings while avoiding the time- and energy-sucks? Hans shares a ton of great tips that you’re going to want to implement the next time you pick up the phone, join a webinar or stroll into a conference room with colleagues or clients.

This article is currently unavailable. Follow Hans on Twitter @Hans_Hirschi

Ashley FaulkesHow To Write The Best Blog Headlines – Tips And Tricks

Written by Ashley Faulkes

There’s nothing quite like a headline about writing headlines to grab your attention, is there? No matter how many we write, we’re always looking for more ideas, more tips, more magic-secret-surefire sauces. And yet mostly a good headline boils down to some tried-and-true tactics, a bit of knowledge about what tends to work and what doesn’t, and plenty of good old-fashioned testing. In this post Ashley gives you lots to think about. From fill-in-the-blank headline templates to words that work, you’ll find something concrete here that you can use. Try one of these ideas in your next blog headline!

Read the article at and follow Ashley on Twitter @madlemmingz

Knikkolette ChurchFour Things You May Not Know About LinkedIn

Written by Knikkolette Church

There’s usually a lot of talk about changes at Facebook and Google but LinkedIn is busy making its own changes and they so often go under the radar. Knikkolette is going to save you from having to figure out what’s going on because here she shares some tidbits about how profiles, recommendations and company pages work that are a little different than what you might have become used to. Put this in the “good to know” column because these can affect how you appear professionally to other professionals who may want to hire you – and that’s something you don’t want to take lightly!

Read the article at and follow Knikkolette on Twitter @knikkolette

Did you enjoy this week’s roundup? Which of these caught your attention first?

Join the discussion 6 Comments

  • Ha…the whole “this is dead” thing drives me crazy. Every day I’m reading something.

    The latest “guest blogging is dead” thing from none other than Matt Cutts really got under my skin. But whatever…hopefully people listen to him and leave more room for me 🙂

    • Carol Lynn Rivera says:

      Sometimes you have to wonder what makes that guy tick. I guess he figures that when he speaks, everyone else scurries around bowing to the new rule du jour. Which I guess they do!

    • Glad you liked the article, Eugene, I had fun writing it. And you’re right, the more people follow along mindlessly, the easier it is for professionals to step in and grow their client base 🙂

  • Rebekah Radice says:

    What a great roundup Carol Lynn with so many of my favorite faces! Stephan’s post was spot-on. I especially loved his “in your face” attitude towards all of the “this is dead” type posts that are sprouting up after Matt Cutts latest video. His line “Email marketing is dead if you suck at email marketing” made me giggle.

    Thank you so much for always taking the time to put together valuable content and thank you again for including me!!

    • Carol Lynn Rivera says:

      Thanks Rebekah, yes, there were some great ones this week! Stephan is awesome, you can never go wrong with him 🙂 And of course, as are you!

    • Thank you Rebekah (I’m just finding this article b/c I did a search for myself to round up old guest/interview stuff about email marketing). And to Carol Lynn for the include!