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Top Marketing Blogs This Week: Improve Your Sidebar, Bump Up Your Conversion Rate And More

By March 16, 2013June 28th, 2015From Around The Web
{Web.Search.Social} Marketing Roundup

This week we’ve got thought-provoking posts and posts that will get you rolling up your sleeves and working on your marketing. We talk sidebars, we talk calls-to-action, we talk putting your heart into your business and refusing to phone it in. Get comfy, because there’s bound to be something here for you to enjoy.

Half-Assing It Vs. Whole-Assing It

Written by Lisa Gerber 

The title alone should get you wanting to read this post. Lisa starts out by voicing a common complaint I have as an avid “take me out to dinner” kind of person: you know how you look forward to that night out and get your food only to realize that you would have been better off with a leftover slice of pizza at home? Ugh! So disappointing. In business, there are plenty of disappointers (in Lisa-speak, the half-assers) and then there are deliverers (whole-assers). It’s easy to tell the difference when you’re on the wrong end of the equation. The point is to recognize the difference when your customers are on the other end. You can be a half asser or whole asser. Which one are you?

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Am I Doing My Marketing Right?

Written by Tea Silvestre 

You want to know, don’t you? I bet you try something, maybe try something else… hear a good idea and try that… and then sit back and wonder “Is this what I’m supposed to be doing?” We all want the answers but the thing that I love about Tea is that she isn’t giving you any… and don’t get me wrong, it isn’t because she doesn’t have them… it’s because nobody has them. Marketing and business are all about finding what works for you. Anyone who promises you a secret it lying. Check out what Tea has to say on the matter (and while you’re there, check out the Prosperity’s Kitchen reality game show/online marketing course. You may just get another great idea to try for yourself)!

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8 Things You Can Do To Improve Your Sidebar’s Effectiveness

Written by Daniel Sharkov

You’re going to think I’m a Daniel groupie, but he writes such really helpful stuff that I think he is going to get an honorary permanent slot in this roundup. When was the last time you thought about your sidebar? I bet you either (a) obsess about it constantly or (b)….um, what sidebar? Either way, there are tips here for you to try. For instance, have you thought about… moving it? Scandalous, I know! Check out all of Daniel’s tips and let me know which one you’re going to try yourself.

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5 Website Conversion Blunders To Avoid

Written by Marty Diamond 

Improving your conversion rate can be a complex process of discerning the nuances of human behavior in a given set of circumstances. But that’s not what this post is about. Marty’s post is about five simple, head-slappingly straightforward things that are so easy to overlook that they’re worth mentioning over and over again. You don’t need to have a marketing degree to get yourself straight on these five points. My favorite mistake? #3: Forcing your visitors to think. Read all five to find out how you can take immediate action to improve your site and conversion rate, then tell me what your favorite point it!

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Click Here: 11 Ways To Improve Your Call To Actions

Written by Neil Patel 

And as long as we’re talking about conversion rate, here are some serious tips for getting your website visitors to take action. You might want to pull up a chair for this one because in true Neil fashion, he not only gives you ideas but explains how he personally tested them and the results he found.  He talks colors, wording, design and other details so be sure to put on your reading glasses and get ready to test.

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Which posts got you clicking? Let me know what your favorites are, and add any that you think should be on the list!

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  • Donna Pohl says:

    Just spent 2 hours + reading these various articles. Really good stuff! I’m so grateful to be alive and working in an age when I can actually connect with all these creative minds, whether NJ or NC or NY. I live in a very isolated wilderness area in upstate NY. The internet has definitely leveled the playing field for business people like myself. Lisa Gerber’s article led me to Clairemont Communications website. That company sounds amazing. Tea Silvestre and great find! And the 19 year old blogger? Daniel Sharkov? He walks his talk. The tips he gives his readers he actually has on his blog! You’re good at that too Carol- you walk your talk. Thanks for all your hard work!

    • Glad to hear you enjoyed these, Donna. Tea and Daniel are 2 of my recurring favorites. They speak my language! This is also a good exercise for me because I discover new people that I haven’t read before, new ideas and new perspectives. No doubt the internet has connected us with so many amazing people we never would have met otherwise.

  • Donna Pohl says:

    Neil’s article on 11 tips for CTA excellent. Another genius!

  • Hi Carol
    Sorry I have not been around a lot but I have been going through some personl stuff and needed to take some time for myself.
    I will check out these blogs, thanks for the recommendations 🙂
    Have a great day

  • Woot! Thank you kindly for including the Word Chef this week, CL. Wanted to let you know that I spoke with Donna (below) and sang your praises to her. This is a great series you’ve got here. Keep it up!