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Top Marketing Blogs This Week: New Pinterest Features, Using A Content Calendar And More

By August 24, 2013June 29th, 2015From Around The Web
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This week I found so many great blogs that I had to defer a few to next week! These are some of the cream that rose to the top. A few with some practical advice and a few that should get your philosophical juices flowing.

Julia Claire CampbellNew Features On Pinterest You Should Know About

Written by Julia Claire Campbell

It’s been a while since we talked Pinterest so this post comes at a good time. There’s some really neat stuff going on with Pinterest that you may want to check out to see how it can help you further your marketing goals – including a great feature where Pinterest will email you if a product you pinned has dropped in price. Can you say “sales promotions”? And Pinterest does the work for you! Read the rest of Julia’s post to find out what else Pinterest is up to. For the food, fashion and lifestyle businesses out there, this could be a goldmine.

Read the article at and follow Julia on Twitter @JuliaCSocial

Randy BowdenHow To Use A Content Calendar Effectively

Written by Randy Bowden

Fortuitous timing… Ralph just published as post here with a downloadable content calendar and this one makes the perfect complement. Rather than an hour-by-hour slot to fill, Randy gives you ideas for how to fill your calendar. After all, those empty slots are just sitting there, mocking you. Instead of adding things haphazardly or as the mood strikes, try a few of these ideas and add them in consistently. My favorite? Develop themes. With a theme you always have a content creating guideline and you can repurpose it over and over. See how many of these you can use.

Read the article at and follow Randy on Twitter @bowden2bowden

Jeannie WaltersInsights On Mutual Loyalty: Is It A Two-Way Street?

Written by Jeannie Walters

LOVE this post. If you’ve ever been frustrated by big brands that get your business then ignore you (or worse, offer all their best deals only to new customers while you continue to pay top price) then this will speak to you. Jeannie makes a great point: businesses talk a lot about customer loyalty, but how about a business’s loyalty to their customers? Nobody likes to be treated as a disposable commodity and sadly that’s what we get so often. So it’s reminder of how important it is to focus on relationships – and that’s a two-way street.

Read the article at and follow Jeannie on Twitter @jeanniecw

Viveka Von RosenLinkedIn Contacts Are A Big Deal!

Written by Viveka Von Rosen

How better to learn the nuances and advantages of LinkedIn than from a true LinkedIn professional?  Vivieka shares some great features that you can take advantage of to boost your presence, improve your relationships with connections and not lose a lot of sleep trying to keep up with it all. One of the features you may not be aware of is birthday reminders and to be honest, that’s something I wasn’t familiar with either. In fact, just this week I got a couple of birthday wishes from connections I would never have thought knew when my birthday was. It was a nice surprise and it kickstarted some interesting conversations so I highly recommend you take a look at some of these features and see how they can work for you.

Read the article at and follow Viveka on Twitter @linkedinexpert

Geoff LivingstonMonetize Influence And Lessen It

Written by Geoff Livingston

If you haven’t heard at least some of the buzz around influencer marketing, you might just be hiding under a rock. The idea is simple: brands get bloggers and other people with online followings in a certain demographic to endorse their product. A person’s clout with an audience helps sell that product. But Geoff brings up a point worth pondering: if people are so busy promoting brands, do they eventually lose the trust of their audience and appear to be just another living, breathing ad? There are nuances that we should debate before jumping on the bandwagon. Read more to get a great perspective on some of the possible pitfalls.

Read the article at and follow Geoff on Twitter @geoffliving

Have a great weekend!

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