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Top Marketing Blogs This Week: Killer Blog Post Titles, Content Marketing Tools And More

By March 15, 2014July 1st, 2015From Around The Web
{Web.Search.Social} Marketing Roundup

Ready for another power roundup? We’re all content all the time this week and this collection of posts will keep you busy with plenty of tips and how-tos, plus some inspirational stuff that will get you thinking about your marketing in new ways. You may want to take notes and start bookmarking!

Mia VossThe Mia Connect Power Chat Blogging and Content

Written by Mia Voss

If you’ve never watched Mia Connect before, this is the perfect initiation. And if you have, you know what a fun ride it is. On this episode, Mia and her guests tackle the topic of content – the hows, whys and why nots. I should mention that our own Ralph M. Rivera was a guest on the show so he got to weigh in on things like where you should be creating and posting content, the benefits of getting on a schedule and how the Triberr platform can help your content get noticed. Other topics include using popups (love ’em or hate ’em?), web design principles and whether or not you should be cursing in your content. Now you really want to listen, don’t you?

Read the article and watch the video at and follow Mia on Twitter @TheMiaConnect

Brian LangHow to Promote Your Blog Content: 40+ Experts Share Marketing Tips

Written by Brian Lang

More content goodness! In this case it’s through a roundup of some pretty great names in marketing. If you’ve been online and doing the marketing circuit for a while you will probably recognize a bunch of these names. And you’re bound to find some new people to follow, too. Either way, you’ll definitely get some great advice. And Brian was kind enough to ask me to participate in sharing my thoughts, which means I got to be quoted alongside some pretty impressive people. With this many people under one roof, you’re bound to find a bit of advice that resonates with you.

Read the article at and follow Brian on Twitter @sbizideasblog

Rebekah RadiceFoolproof Formula to Incredibly Catchy Blog Titles

Written by Rebekah Radice

As long as we’re talking about content, it’s tough to get someone to read it without first enticing them with your title. And yet writing a good title can be harder than writing a 1,000 word post. Sometimes you need a push in the right direction and that’s what Rebekah gives you. She’s been on this roundup before for a reason – because you’ll always walk away from her posts with something to implement. Check out her process for brainstorming and crafting titles that work and then try your hand at your own foolproof and incredibly catchy title.

Read the article at and follow Rebekah on Twitter @RebekahRadice

Ian Anderson GrayThe Secrets Of A Killer Blog Post – How To Get Your Readers’ Attention

Written by Ian Anderson Gray

Titles are one thing but what about the rest of your content? No, you can’t write an awesome headline and then call it a day. There’s more to be done! You’ve got to hook your readers (but how?) and pull them in (say what?) and maybe hardest of all, keep their attention to the end. Ian’s got you covered – from sharing the advice of a few hard-core content producers, to digging into the “whys” of blogging and even touching on some common barriers. Plus he shares a pretty thorough infographic that will walk you through the entire process from title to “the end”.

Read the article at and follow Ian on Twitter @iagdotme

Adam Connell48 Content Marketing Tools To Help You Save Time And Get Better Results

Written by Adam Connell

Forty eight! Adam will keep you busy trying out new tools and resources for sure. There were a couple of nifty ones on the list that I enjoyed taking for a ride (like some of the fun title generators) and “Strip the Blog” which tells you what the most popular posts were for a particular site based on social shares. Cool info to have about your competitors, huh? There are tools that can help with SEO, planning, creating and promotion. The question is not, “Will you find something useful here?” but “Will you have enough time to try them all?” Start now!

Read the article at and follow Adam on Twitter @AdamJayC

I hope your week has wrapped up successfully and that you have fun trying out one of these new ideas!

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