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Top Marketing Blogs This Week: Improving Productivity, Creating Valuable Content And More

By March 28, 2014July 1st, 2015From Around The Web
Top Marketing Blogs This Week: Improving Productivity, Creating Valuable Content And More

Roundup time, and that means some great marketing and business blogs that you can sink your teeth into. Most of these fantastic authors have been featured here before and for good reason. They’re all smart and insightful and they alternately inspire and educate. I hope you find something here to enjoy.

Devan Perine6 Weird Things That Will Improve Your Productivity

Written by Devan Perine

Yep, I’m a sucker for titles like this. I want to know: Really? How weird can something be? I also want to know how to be more productive because, well, who doesn’t? Devan delivers some fun and weirdness, too, with a couple of things you can actually insert into your day effortlessly… especially #4, which I won’t give away except to say… yes, please! See which one of these helps perk you up most.

Read the article at and follow Devan on Twitter @devanmarie 

Kaarina DillaboughHave You Let What You Do Define You?

Written by Kaarina Dillabough

Kaarina is a thinker and her posts always inspire me to do the same. I guess you could say that’s just a bit of how I define her! In this post she makes the point that when someone asks us what we do, we automatically answer with our job titles. And yet we are so much more and should avoid defining ourselves so narrowly. I couldn’t put it more eloquently, so I’ll just quote Kaarina here: “Today, see yourself as a human being, not a human doing.”

Read the article at and follow Kaarina on Twitter @KDillabough

Jessica AnnHow To Drive Targeted Traffic To Your Brand

Written by Jessica Ann

Everyone wants to make friends and win business. But attracting the right kind of people is not always easy. First it takes knowing who you want to attract… then how… and then you’ve got to keep ’em around. No worries, Jessica shares a great summary of how to do all that. From the content you create to the image you portray, this post will help you get your ducks in a row so you can find, inspire and even entertain your business audience.

Read the article at and follow Jessica on Twitter @itsjessicann 

Ryan Hanley7 Simple Tips For Creating Valuable Content Every Day Your Clients Actually Want

Written by Ryan Hanley

In this post Ryan wants to know: are you creating too much content? But wait, there’s a catch. “Too much” has nothing to do with “how often”. Sounds counterintuitive but when you listen to Ryan (and I mean listen, there’s a video that accompanies this post, too) you will understand why even some content can be “too much” if it’s the wrong kind of content.

Read the article at and follow Ryan on Twitter @RyanHanley_Com

Amy VernonDear Amy: The #SMEtiquette Of The Mass Unfollow

Written by Amy Vernon

Real-world relationships can be tricky enough to navigate. Now online relationships add a whole new dimension to our paranoia – who likes me, who doesn’t, am I saying the right thing, am I doing the right thing? Plus the whole mess of who/when/why to friend/fan/follow. That’s why I found Amy’s post interesting – it addresses the etiquette – and angst – of following and unfollowing people online. If you occasionally wonder how to handle your various online connections, you’ll appreciate this one.

Read the article at and follow Amy on Twitter @amyvernon

I hope your week ends well and that you find some time to relax this weekend!

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  • Thanks so much for including me in such amazing company:) Cheers! Kaarina

    • You’re welcome! I often think the same thing about identity, when people ask “what do you do?” I want to say something brilliant and not just “marketing.” Haven’t quite figured out what that answer is yet but it makes for a god conversation starter 🙂

      • My standard response when someone asks “what do you do?”, I answer with a smile and inflection on the word “need”…”what do you need done?” Doesn’t work online, but it works beautifully face-to-face, mainly because of how I use my voice and smile, body language and sincerity in the question. It often disarms the person, but I give them a chance to recover, after which they usually in no short order actually tell me something they’re looking for. I always follow up with “if I can’t help you, I’m sure I can find someone or know someone who can”. Not sure if this translates well in writing, but having been in business now for over 25 years, it has worked well for me for all these years. It’s not what people expect: they expect to hear a job title. And when I turn it back on them and their needs, although taken aback, they’re happy to talk about themselves/their needs. Of course, I prompt the conversation along based on their response. Doesn’t work online though, haha!

        • That’s pretty brilliant! Plus it starts a conversation without the usual drone of reciting job responsibilities. Everyone tunes that stuff out anyway because half the time I don’t understand what people are telling me anyway 🙂 People these days don’t say “lawyer” or “teacher” they are “data analysts” and “customer relations specialists” which could mean anything and usually leads a long, boring explanation. How much nicer to have a real conversation!

          • In my experience, it has always sparked conversation because people simply don’t expect it, and they get to talk about themselves right away. And I guess I have a way of saying it (as I said, it’s as much about HOW I say it as it is the words themselves) that somehow makes people feel really comfortable about talking about their needs pretty quickly. It allows me to be of service right off the hop, and it allows me to become more memorable to them, whether we eventually connect/do business/correspond later or not. It’s been a no-lose way of engaging for me.

  • AmyVernon says:

    Thanks so much for including me, @carollynnrivera:disqus ! I have a few more articles on my reading list this morning now. Glad you found my post interesting and useful.

  • Devan Perine says:

    Thanks again, @carollynnrivera:disqus! Super happy to make the list this week. (P.S. I think #5 is my favorite, though #4 is a very close runner-up. 😉 )

  • Fab resource Carol Lynn! Digging in now….and retweeting to my 27K followers 😉