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Top Marketing Blogs This Week: Good Headlines, IFTTT Recipes And More

By June 22, 2013June 28th, 2015From Around The Web
{Web.Search.Social} Marketing Roundup

Summer has officially arrived and it looks like the temperature is finally cooperating , too! I hope you have plans to enjoy your weekend and take a break from the daily grind. While you’re at it, make it internet-free time! But before you unplug, check out a few great blogs that cover everything from increasing your website conversions to finding your true self in your business. Bookmark your faves and if you’re off to the beach or park for the weekend, you’ll have something great to start your week with on Monday!

Scott AllenIf You Want People To Share Your Content, At Least Get Your Headline Right!

Written by Scott Allen

Short-n-sweet – a good weekend post to keep you on your toes but still leave you enough time to get to the beach! We’ve been told about people’s shortening attention spans and the incredible amount of noise on the internet, but how often do we apply that knowledge to our blog headlines? I have a whole post percolating about bad headlines but in the meantime, Scott’s post is a great reminder that your headline matters. It’s quite possible that the only thing standing between you and a massive amount of traffic and social shares is a crummy headline.

Read the article at and follow Scott on Twitter @ScottAllen

Ian Anderson Gray5 Ways To Turbo Boost Your RSS With Feedly And IFTTT

Written by Ian Anderson Gray

This post was a hit for me because I was a happy Google Reader user – and now I’m a pretty happy Feedly user – but in the transition, a whole slew of my IFTTT recipes broke. What’s IFTTT, you may ask? Well, if either Feedly or IFTTT sound like mumbo jumbo to you, I suggest you check out Ian’s post to find out what you’re missing. Stated simply, you can easily keep up with all your favorite blogs and news sites in one place, and just as easily set up some pretty cool “triggers” that automate saving, sharing and collecting your favorite articles. It’s especially easy to do when you’ve got a step-by-step post like this one.

Read the article at and follow Ian on Twitter @iagdotme

Eugen OpreaThe “Above The Fold” Myth Debunked

Written by Eugen Oprea

As someone who develops websites, I hear this one all the time. Even in an increasingly mobile age, people still insist on “above the fold” content. I don’t know where this elusive fold is, so if you find it, please red-ink it for me. In the meantime, read Eugen’s post because you might be surprised at some of the research he points out to support the idea that placing a call to action strategically “below the fold” – in some cases way, way below the fold – actually increases conversions. Take that to your designer!

Read the article at and follow Eugen on Twitter @eugenoprea

Evan VanderwerkerSix Ways To Improve Your Website Conversion Rate

Written by Evan Vanderwerker

Sometimes the simplest advice is the best. In this post, Evan touches on some points we’d be wise to consider – or reconsider – before we do anything to our websites. Start with the fact that we need to define a conversion before we can hope for one, not to mention that we have to figure out what metrics we’re going to use to measure them. Once you’ve nailed that down, there are some great, actionable ideas that you can use to test your site against and to improve it.

This article is currently unavailable. Follow Evan on Twitter @EvanVanDerwerke

Leanne StewartMade You Flinch!

Written by Leanne Stewart

I saved the best for last. This post is near and dear to my heart because, well, other than the fact that I get a shout-out, I got to have the conversation with Leanne that inspired it. You don’t get a compliment like that too often! I also think it’s one that many of us, especially as small businesses and solos, can relate to: we wait for someone to tell us “how to do it”, we find someone who proclaims themselves to be an expert/guru and we listen, happily. Except sometimes we ignore our own doubts and we backburner “who we are” to “who we should be”. Just read it. And remember that you don’t need to fit your business into anyone else’s mold.

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Have a great weekend!