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Top Marketing Blogs This Week: About The Empower Network, SEO ‘Experts’ and More

By August 31, 2013June 29th, 2015From Around The Web
{Web.Search.Social} Marketing Roundup

This week’s blogs have plenty of variety to go around. There are things to learn and a couple of interesting first-hand experiences that I found thought-provoking. I hope you will, too. Let me know what you find that interests and helps you the most!

Thom CaseyDear “SEO Expert”: Thanks For The Compliment

Written by Thom Casey

This one amused me, partly because Thom expresses it so well and partly because I’ve been there. Along with “vet stupid guest post requests” one of the things I find myself doing repeatedly is attempting to ignore stupid SEO requests. You may know the kind – they’re spammy, repetitive and ultimately senseless. In this case, Thom notes the obvious – and amusing – contradiction between what the SEO “experts” say (“I couldn’t find your site anywhere on Google”) and what they do (find your site on Google… at least well enough to send you an email about not finding your site on Google). If you’re occasionally frustrated by the silliness of it, read this post.

Read the article at and follow Thom on Twitter @thomecasey

Scott McKelveyThe Art Of The Metaphor, With 70 Seinfeldian Masterpieces

Written by Scott McKelvey

If you’re a Seinfeld fan (is there a person on the planet who isn’t?) then you’ll enjoy this lighthearted look at how metaphors can make a big impact when it comes to writing. Scott is an author here at Web.Search.Social but he also has his own blog where he shares cool stuff like this that makes us jealous and wish we had thought of it first. First, read Scott’s take on how using metaphors can help with your marketing. Then peruse some of the funniest metaphors ever invented.

Read the article at and follow Scott on Twitter @Scott_McKelvey

Wade HarmanThe Empower Network: Give Us Your Money

Written by Wade Harman

I’ll admit to having no first-hand experience with Empower Network but you kind of have to be living under a rock to not have at least heard the name circulating the interwebs. There are two kinds of things you tend to hear: one is that it’s going to make you amazingly rich and one is that it’s going to totally scam you. And while I’m not a fan of “programs” or ten-steps or anything else that purports to help you succeed if you follow someone else’s plan, there are certainly people who swear by this network. Given the debate, I found Wade’s post compelling, especially since I fall on his side of the fence – squarely in the camp that believes you can make money – you can even get rich – but it requires work. If you’re curious, or if you’re still thinking success can be fast-n-easy, read Wade’s post.

Read the article at and follow Wade on Twitter @makemyblogmoney

Robert M. CarusoThe One Social Media Rule For Business

Written by Robert M. Caruso

Sometimes it’s nice to have a top-ten list of useful items. Sometimes it’s even better to have a gigantic list of 50. But sometimes, all you really need to know is the one thing that will make a difference in your marketing. Robert gives you that one thing in this post and it’s so important I’m not even going to keep it secret and lure you into reading the post. I’m just going to tell you: do not spam. Now that you know that and before you start thinking, “Oh no, I would never!” –  it’s super important that you read Robert’s post so you can find out what type of spam you may be sending without even realizing it and what to do instead.

Read the article at and follow Robert on Twitter @fondalo

Claire JarrettWhy SEOs Should Create Brands, Not Just Links

Written by Claire Jarrett

In light of the recent uproar over Google’s algorithm changes (including one or two rants you may have read here…) Claire’s post makes a timely and relevant point. More specifically, it’s time to think beyond the link. At this point, any SEO company that is still insisting on link-building should be seriously suspect. There’s a lot more to SEO, to reputation-building, to customer service and retention, to this whole marketing online thing than obsessing about Google and keywords. Read Claire’s post for a couple of key points you must consider to succeed in the current search climate.

Read the article at and follow Claire on Twitter @clairejarrett

To our friends in the US, enjoy the long weekend! And if you can spare a moment, share a blog with us that you found worth mentioning, too.