Top Marketing Blogs This Week: Email Marketing Tips, Empowerment And More

By January 5, 2013 June 28th, 2015 From Around The Web
{Web.Search.Social} Marketing Roundup

We love to blog (you may have noticed from the many several-thousand-word posts here) but we also love to read blogs. We find ideas, inspiration and meet some great people.

So I thought it was time to share some of those blogs with you – a roundup of some of the best we find each week so you can learn and be inspired, too.

This week’s selection comes from a group of pretty smart marketers I met through Triberr. As a side note, if you haven’t tried Triberr yet and you’re a blogger or a business person with a blog then make that your “right now” resolution. I guarantee you’ll boost your traffic, find great content and meet awesome people.

As we kick off a new year full of new hopes and new ideas, I encourage you to check out these blogs and to see what else these writers have to share. And if you come across any blogs that you think are worth making a roundup like this, let me know!

10 Email Marketing Tips for 2013

Written by Christine Brady

These are ten to-the-point tips plus one bonus that makes this worth the read. And they’re all things that you can do without a degree in marketing. That means no excuses! And you shouldn’t need to make a whole resolution to get these done. Just start with one today (like setting up a series of autoresponders) and make this a profitable email marketing year for your business.

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5 Steps To An Empowering Year 2013

Written by Aline Hanle

It’s true what they say about list posts being a little addictive. Plunk a number at the front of a post and I’m a happy reader. Deliver on those numbers and I’m a really happy reader! There are some interesting and non-obvious things on this list that will give you food for thought. If you’re in business and need a bit of inspiration, I have two words for you: “magnetic field.” Yup, go read it.

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30 Web Design Mistakes You Should Avoid

Written by Sté Kerwer

This guy is holy-cow prolific and he’s always got something good to say. As for the mistakes he mentions in this post, if you’re still doing these things all I can say is… seriously, it’s 2013. Stop it!

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Your Attitude Is Either The Lock ON, Or The Key TO The Door Of Success

Written by Phil Torcivia

If you’ve never read Phil’s blog, do yourself a favor and add it to your subscription list. He’s smart. And he’s hilarious. Oh, and he always makes a great point. He writes less about marketing and more about life, but you’ll always find a gem in what he says. He shares on-point insights that will sometimes make you nod your head in agreement and sometimes make you squirm a bit because you recognize yourself in what he says. Get inspired with this post about how success is all about attitude.

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My 3 Words For 2013

Written by Jason Konopinski

You may be familiar with Chris Brogan’s “3 words” challenge. He encourages us to forget resolutions and think in terms of our 3 most powerful words for defining what the year ahead will mean to us. This post is Jason’s take on his 3 words. More food for thought here – I hope you’ll be inspired by his thoughts and find your own 3 words.

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That’s this week’s five. Let me know which were your favorites. And if you have another to add to my list, let me know!