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Top Marketing Blogs This Week: Planning Your Editorial Calendar, Unleashing A Dynamic Brand And More

By September 14, 2013June 29th, 2015From Around The Web
{Web.Search.Social} Marketing Roundup

It’s that time of the week! Here are five informative and enjoyable blogs that I found to share with you so that you can improve your marketing. Read one! Read them all! You’re bound to find something you can add to the mix.

David RisleyAn In-Depth Guide To Developing And Planning Your Quarterly Editorial Calendar For Your Blog

Written by David Risley

If you read our blog frequently, you know we’ve mentioned the glorious editorial calendar more than once. Ours is relatively simple, mapping out content areas, topics and dates. So you can imagine how thrilled I was to come across David’s post, where he gets even more in depth and discusses more than just the topic-date concept and goes into quarterly and even yearly considerations including promotions and other important marketing events. It’s a detailed post that’s worth a gander if you’re serious about being successful with your marketing. And David uses my favorite word, so he gets bonus points: plan!

Read the article at and follow David on twitter @davidrisley

Rebekah Radice10 Step Twitter Formula To Unleash A Dynamic Personal Brand

Written by Rebekah Radice

If you’re a Twitter newbie (or if you’re still wondering what on earth to do with a platform that only gives you 140 characters), this is a great post. Rebekah starts at the top with the most important components of any successful marketing, including knowing who you’re trying to reach and why. Then she gets into the details of Twitter, from lists to hashtags, so you can jump into the fray like a pro. Plus you kow you love anything that comes in steps and Rebekah’s are straightforward and easy to follow. Follow aloong and you’ll be up and running in no time.

Read the article at and follow Rebekah on Twitter @RebekahRadice

Ken Mueller5 Tips For Boosting Your SEO On A Tight Budget

Written by Ken Mueller

SEO is a minefield of angst these days, what with Google’s constant updates and a new Matt Cutts video every four seconds saying more vague and relatively unhelpful things. So when you get yourself some actionable tips, you jump. In this post, Ken says the two things that matter most to a lot of small businesses these days: how to and low budget. You won’t find any secrets here, just good old-fashioned useful tips, things you can (and should) be doing to promote your business and by extension, make search engines happy. Better yet, there’s nothing that might be considered questionable so you don’t have to worry about angering Google when it comes time for the next update. My favorite part is Ken’s last point, but you’ll just have to read more to find out what it is.

Read the article at and follow Ken on Twitter @kmueller62

Syed Balkhi8 Errors Business Blogs Are Guilty Of And How To Get Back On Track

Written by Syed Balkhi

It’s no wonder that (as of this writing) Syed’s post has 438 shares. There isn’t an ounce of fluff in this article and it’s got not only eight mistakes but a slew of actionable tips that you can use to fix each one. Actually, Syed calls them “simple fixes” and he’s right. None of these are rocket science, but they are things we tend to forget, ignore and stray from. Even if you’re a blogging veteran, it’s easy to let yourself get sidetracked. We get busy or just plain lazy and forget things like… proofreading… and tending our email list. I recommend a good read through, not only of his eight main points but of the simple fixes that can mean the difference between success and “just another business blog”.

Read the article at and follow Syed on Twitter @syedbalkhi

Jamie WallaceTaking Control Of Your Schedule: 5 Tools For Better Planning And Time Management

Written by Jamie Wallace

And for those of you who are more task-and-time oriented, this is a trifecta of posts that you’ll want to check out. It’s actually three posts in one, so be sure to click through to the subsequent posts using the links at the bottom of each one. Jamie discusses scheduling and time management in the context of writing but you can apply her concepts to anything you do. The problem with time management is that you actually have to manage it, and unless you have an idea of how to put together a calendar and block off time, you’ll probably spend a lot of time managing your time management. So if you really want to get productive, you may need to get more granular about your schedule. The good news is that Jamie is going to help you do it. Try her suggestions to see if a bit of serious planning can help you boost your productivity and save time for the fun stuff.

Read the article at and follow Jamie on Twitter @suddenlyjamie

Did you find something here to add to your reading list? Which topic caught your attention the most? Let me know so I can be sure you get only the best stuff!

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