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Top Marketing Blogs This Week: Content Zombies, Working From The Ball Park And More

By June 15, 2013June 28th, 2015From Around The Web
{Web.Search.Social} Marketing Roundup

This week I found some fun posts, some informative posts and some really useful posts. They’re all full of great ideas and actionable tips so find your favorites and get ready to do some homework.

Lou BortoneHow To Run Your Business From The Ball Park

Written by Lou Bortone

Just in time for summer! Since I bet most of us would rather be hanging out with hot dogs and beach chairs than sitting at our desks, I thought this was a fun post. If you work online, you have a whole lot of freedom to work from just about anywhere, and Lou gives you a nice list of tools and apps that you can use from your mobile device to get your work done without anyone being the wiser. For me, one of the fun things about this post was getting to think up other useful tools to add to my own personalized “work from the beach” list. I’m partial to Skype these days, how about you? Check out the tools on this list then let me know which ones you would use or add!

Read the article at and follow Lou on Twitter @LouBortone

Sandra LeDuc3 Ways To Keep Content Zombies From Eating Your Brains

Written by Sandra LeDuc

You know you can’t resist this title… and you know what Sandra is talking about when she says “content zombies”. Those are the blog posts, web pages and articles that read like someone’s high school term paper – the one they crammed 400 meaningless words into just so they could make it 500 words long. This post has some great tips for making sure that your content is relevant, readable and on target. While you’re there, amuse yourself with the Content Idea Generator (link in the post) and see if you come up with any fun titles for your next bit of content.

Read the article at and follow Sandra on Twitter @sandraleduc

Jim DoughertyInfographic: The Definitive Photo Size Guide For All Social Networks

Written by Jim Dougherty

This! I can’t say much about this post except go there, bookmark it and breathe a sigh of relief that you don’t have to figure this stuff out for yourself. Jim has shared the infographic to end all infographics right here. And you know you were just totally stressing out over that new, gigantic Google Plus cover photo, right? There are 7 social networks covered with dimensions for every conceivable configuration. I might even have to print and frame this one.

Find the infographic at and follow Jim on Twitter @leaderswest

Phillip KlienThe Slow Death Of The Homepage

Written by Phillip Klien

I had to throw in at least one totally brain-busting post today. This one will get you rethinking your home page and giving some extra attention to the rest of your site. The problem with home pages is that we still consider them the entry point into our site. But as Phillip points out, that may not be the case. People can access our sites from any page so it’s high time we stopped treating our sites as a linear start-here experience and as a more holistic one – one in which a visitor may never actually see our home page at all! Read more for some great tips for turning your entire website into a branding and selling machine – not just your home page.

Read the article at and follow Phillip on Twitter @pklien

Ahmed Safwan4 Key Design Blunders That Can Turn People Off

Written by Ahmed Safwan

With four tips plus a bonus, Ahmed gives you five things you can get to work on right now. They’re not complicated but they can mean the difference between a site that draws people in and a site that sends them packing – to a competitor. I think my favorite line of the post comes toward the end with a warning we should all heed about our visitors: “Don’t piss them off.” Sometimes that’s all you need to remember! Read the rest of the post for some specific advice for improving your site design.

Read the article at and follow Ahmed on Twitter @ahmedsafwan10

Did you have a favorite this week? How about one of your own to share? Let me know in the comments!

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