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Top Marketing Blogs This Week: Contrarian Content Marketing Advice, SEO Tools And More

By January 25, 2014July 1st, 2015From Around The Web
{Web.Search.Social} Marketing Roundup

In this week’s roundup you’re going to find everything from tools to tips to inspiration. Some of these posts are timely and others are timeless. So whatever your pleasure, you’re bound to find something interesting and helpful here. These bloggers have put together some great information so enjoy, learn and let me know what you think!

Henley Wing20 Contrarian Rules On Content Marketing From 20 Experts

Written by Henley Wing

Do you ever get tired of hearing the same old rehashed marketing “wisdom”? Create great content! Do your A/B testing! Find influencers! Wouldn’t it be cool if someone said something really interesting? Unique, even? Henley thinks so! And so he gathered 20 of the smartest people in business to share their not-so-common sense marketing wisdom. This is fun because who doesn’t love to read the wise words of some of our favorite professionals? But it’s also great to hear people say things that you don’t hear every day and that just might spark some new ideas in your own brain.

Read the article at and follow Henley on Twitter @HenleyWing

Daniel HebertMatt Cutts: Guest Blogging Is Dead… For SEO

Written by Daniel Hebert

Oh, Google. We love to hate you. It seems like every day there’s another “do this, don’t do that” bit of advice. It’s no wonder that so many people are throwing their hands up and saying, “Forget this SEO thing.” And now another “don’t”, fresh from Matt Cutts over at Google Central: don’t guest post for links. In this post Daniel shares the news and parses it down to the essentials: what does this mean for you? The good news is that if you’re producing good content and you’re not spamming and scamming, you’ve got nothing to worry about. Plus he’s got plenty of advice for using guest posting for other benefit.

Read the article at and follow Daniel on Twitter @DanielGHebert

James AltucherThe Ultimate Cheat Sheet For Selling Anything

Written by James Altucher

If you don’t already have this blog bookmarked then you will after reading this. James has a unique voice and a great way of telling a story. He’s also refreshingly honest (see his point A where he discusses being a “slave friend”). I enjoy what he says and sometimes eve more importantly, I enjoy how he says it. In this post he talks about the most important thing you’ve got to sell: you. And whether you think of yourself as a salesperson or not, you are! Good thing you’re about to get plenty of advice for selling yourself and making connections that matter. You’ll enjoy this and find inspiration you can use.

Read the article at and follow James on Twitter @jaltucher

Kristen DaukasHow to Look Spectacular In Your Social Media Profile

Written by Kristen Daukas

There are so many social networks that it’s easy to get scattered and forget where you are and what you’re supposed to be doing. But letting your profile languish is a trouble spot. Those outdated photos and forgotten bios… they need upkeep and Kristen has a lovely list of things that need your eyeballs and what you should be doing about them. She helpfully breaks it out by social network so you can use this as your get-cracking checklist and then tuck it away for next month so you can do it all over again. Then you’ll know that you always have the most current and effective social presence.

Read the article at and follow Kristen on Twitter @KristenDaukas

Gazalla Gaya10 SEO Tools And Plugins You Need In 2014

Written by Gazalla Gaya

Forget the “SEO is dead” posts and get in the new game. It’s mostly about content anyway, and you’re creating that every day, right? And now thanks to Gazalla you’ve got a list of some of the most helpful tools to help you manage and boost your efforts. From sitemap generators to WordPress plugins, she’s got you covered. Some are set-and-go and others assist you in your ongoing efforts. Give some of these a try. I bet you can have a few running before breakfast!

Read the article at and follow Gazalla on Twitter @Gazalla

Tell me: which of these did you enjoy the most? Was there one that struck you as most helpful? Let me know!

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  • Thanks so much for adding my article to your list Carol Lynn! It was an important topic of discussion last week, and made a lot of industry professionals panic.

    • Carol Lynn Rivera says:

      You’re welcome! It did cause a bit of an uproar, but in the end, there is still a purpose for guest posting. Thanks for your take!