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Top Marketing Blogs This Week: Clever Title Ideas, Using Twitter Cards And More

By April 4, 2014July 1st, 2015From Around The Web
Top Marketing Blogs This Week: Clever Title Ideas, Using Twitter Cards And More

This week’s roundup includes a ton of practical tips you can use for everything from Twitter marketing to Google Plus and beyond. You might want to bookmark a few of these and save them so you can refer back later as you expand your knowledge and try out some of these ideas. It’s a lot to take in at once but the information is amazing and you’re bound to find something valuable here that you can apply to your business.

Pauline Cabrera100+ Blog Post Title Templates That Grabs Attention

Written by Pauline Cabrera

I’m going out on a limb here to say that you will never need another post about blog titles again. First, Pauline gives you some good general advice for how to write catchy titles. Then she lists… yes, 100… title starters and fill-in-the-blanks that will have you starry-eyed and imagining all of the wonderful ways you can craft them to fit your needs. And if that’s not enough, she wraps up with a slew of power words for you to try on for size. There’s a handy pinnable version of this too, so bookmark it, pin it, just keep it for the next time you’re stuck.

Read the article at and follow Pauline on Twitter @Twelveskip

Robert RyanHow To Get Over 250 Shares On Google Plus

Written by Robert Ryan

If you’re still tinkering around on Google Plus looking for a way to rev up your efforts, check this post out. Robert shares some no-nonsense ways to get people interested in what you’re posting and boost shares, too. I’ll share just one tidbit here that I found interesting because it flies right in the face of everything we keep saying about coming up with catchy titles: on Goole Plus posts, simpler is better. Or, just the facts, ma’am. Robert also has a nifty infographic you can pin for later so you can check your posts against this guide to see what is working for you.

Read the article at and follow Ryan on Twitter @RobertRyanDotie

Ian Anderson GrayBoost Your Mailing List With Twitter’s Lead Generation Cards

Written by Ian Anderson Gray

Did you know that you can generate email signups right from your Twitter stream? The trick is using Twitter cards and Ian tells you exactly how to set them up. They are part of Twitter’s ad program but they’re free to use and if you connect with people on Twitter then this can be a great way to boost your efforts. Ian gives you a simple step-by-step guide with screenshots to follow along so why not try them today?

Read the article at and follow Ian on Twitter @agdotme

Jeff GoinsWhat You Write About Doesn’t Matter As Much As You Think

Written by Jeff Goins

I can sum this post up with the perfect quote from Jeff himself: “Writing isn’t about picking the right topic; it’s about finding the right voice.” After so much talk about knowing your audience, targeting your message and the rest of the usual advice, this may seem counterintuitive. But it’s a great reminder that the reason people read what you write – or what I write – even though we may blog about the same topic is because of you. And me. It’s about how we say it and the personal bit of us that we bring to it. So yes, if you’re blogging for your business then you need to stay focused on the right topics and the right audience. But ultimately it’s you that matters. Read more and be inspired to be you.

Read the article at and follow Jeff on Twitter @jeffgoins

Martin ShervingtonGoogle Plus Tips Guide

Written by Martin Shervington 

Holy mackerel. If ever there was a post that screamed, “Bookmark!” this is it. It’s sold as 30 tips to use Google Plus but that hardly does it justice. Not only are there tips but there are animations to accompany each one that show you exactly how to do the thing that Martin explains. From managing your profile to figuring out circles to dealing with photos I bet you will find a goldmine of information here that will enhance your experience on Google Plus. If you haven’t tackled Google Plus yet, this is the post that will kill every last excuse you’re making.

Read the article at and follow Martin on Twitter @PlusYourBiz

Happy learning!

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