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The One Business Question You Need To Ask If You Want Successful Marketing

By February 4, 2015November 23rd, 2017Podcast, With Guests
The One Business Question You Need To Ask If You Want Successful Marketing

Show Notes

Even though today is not a regularly scheduled guest podcast day, a lot of interesting and timely topics just begged to be discussed, so we invited Jason T. Wiser of On Track Tips to get to the bottom of some important marketing stuff.

In This Episode We Talk About

  • The one word that matters most to the success of your marketing
  • Why we love the Social Warfare plugin
  • Why we don’t love
  • And some philosophical conversation about how to budget for marketing, the best approach to take and why marketing isn’t even the whole picture

Links & Resources

Your Marketing Action Item

From Jason: Ask your sales team what they need in order to do their job – make sales! More specifically, try this: before you add a single field to your web forms, ask the sales team what data they need to be able to contact the customer or prospect to make the sale. Let that inform your marketing and your contact forms.

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Join the discussion 15 Comments

  • “Marketers get so mad when you knock down a marketing tactic…” I think that’s because too many marketers are making their way living on cheesy, shallow posts that are simply regurgitating ideas that sound neat.

    8:30 That’s what I call “Marketers marketing to marketers about marketing”

  • 13 minutes into this and I am exhausted….

  • “Start with the reason, not with the tactic.” Spot on.

  • “Wiser Sites and Wiser Bots and, OH, the Wiser Marketing Thoughts”

    (a.k.a.”Hotel Web.Search.Social – You Can Enter But You Can Never Leave”)

    On Track Tips
    J.T. Wiser bots
    People of repute
    S-curve thoughts

    Piggybacking content
    Is sneaky and wrong
    Pirating is just as bad
    Hit the red alert gong!

    Joe Schmoe the Punk
    Known as Mr. Other Dude
    Gives marketing a bad name
    He’s callus and he’s crude

    Yield the YouTube sword
    And follow the 80/20 rule
    Three little letters: W-H-Y
    Look! Cool shiny new tool

    Your marketing needs to be cyclical
    Requires some refining and iteration
    Start with the reasons, not the tactics
    Or efforts turn to ashes via incineration

    What if’s and what then’s
    And talk of pendulation
    Without clear objectives
    It is purely speculation

    Fred is on the treadmill
    And Ralph’s on the couch
    Carol Lynn’s taking notes
    Jason Wiser is no slouch

    I typed “51” bullet points during this episode. In my wonderful world of words, that speaks volumes for the guest and co-hosts. 🙂

  • Not sure how I missed this episode. I guess the move has me all off track. I like the fact that I am now being mentioned in all the episodes.. I could get used to this….lol.. Funny story. When Jason mentioned the way he met Ralph.. I met him the exact same way. I was on Triberr and I tweeted out one of his posts about the Podcast. He asked me what was my favorite part of the episode and I had no idea what had been discussed. So, I quickly ran over here to listen to it so that I could answer him…lol.. Once I listened that first time, I was hooked.. The rest is history..