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The Marketing Mindset, Professional Crushes And Embracing The Competition

By January 12, 2015November 23rd, 2017Podcast, Ralph and Carol Lynn

Show Notes

Do you have the right marketing mindset? Before we can talk tactics and even before we can talk strategy it’s important to start with the right mindset. What does that mean? Tune in and we’ll tell you!

In This Episode We Talk About

  • Why you shouldn’t be afraid of the competition and how your competitors can help you instead
  • What you should pay attention to – and not pay attention to – when it comes to metrics
  • The dangers of getting too comfortable with your marketing
  • And more about getting “outside your box”, smiting bad guys and other helpful tips
  • Plus we christen the second official Web.Search.Social villain, aka “Other Dude”. Unlike our original villain “Some Dude”, Other Dude is solely focused on stealing your content.

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Join the discussion 31 Comments

  • Shame, shame, SHAME on Other Dude!! File the DMCA today. People who have the crust to take credit for someone else’s hard work deserve to suffer the repercussions of thievery (and blatant arrogance). My mood shifts, instantly, with notions of deceitfulness.

    Too many white people are your site?? I guess I’m colorblind, Ralph and Carol Lynn. It would never even occur to me to tally up such an accounting.

    Uncle Hector sounds like a lovely addition to Web.Search.Social. The pillar of society, the salt of the earth. And one heck of a flowery character! Can’t wait to meet him.

    Competitors are good for your health. Okay, treadmills are good, too. And friends like Alisa Meredith. 🙂

    Maintaining a positive, holistic marketing mindset is the only route to $ka-ching!$ Take any alternate route, and you’ll most likely end up in the Okefenokee Swamp.

    Dang it, Carol Lynn! I didn’t know Ralph was aware of all those emails I’ve been sending you. Now I feel like a heel. I’ll have to see what I can do to load up his inbox. 😉

    • It’s always fun to see what kind of comments we get from people who visit our site 🙂 Don’t always agree but it’s always a unique perspective to be sure.

      You are welcome to bombard Ralph with emails at any time. You are never far from our lips anyway!

  • I’m breaking out of the box:) And even here in cold, snowy Canada, I run outdoors 3 times a week. Now tie a string around your finger to remember whatever it was that you said Fred should remind you to talk about that I now can’t remember. And may we all avoid the mess-creating moonlighters. How’s that for a smorgasbord of comments? Cheers! Kaarina

  • In spite of the big promises you hear
    Nothing about marketing happens fast
    You must abide by long term thinking
    Or you’ll be kicking yourself in the ass

    Don’t fall into the spreadsheet mentality
    Know that SEO is a long ongoing game
    Focusing on vanity metrics like traffic
    Won’t bring you a bit of fortune or fame

    Take the holistic approach to marketing
    Think: A river with all of its tributaries
    Social media, your blog, and email list
    Cohesively ride along on the ferry

    I wanna be in Google! Gotta do the Google!
    Isn’t where your marketing mindset should be
    Focus instead on what’s converting to dollars
    Building more brand awareness is the key

    Just ask Uncle Hector … I’m sure he’ll agree. 🙂

  • Super Fred here! I know how it started, Ralph. You stalked me on RunKeeper. And you harassed me when I didn’t record my runs. A little friendly competition is good for the body! Love this kind of peer pressure. Just wait until my shin heals up. There will be no rest. No rest!!! Maybe you’ll be in this area for a fun run some day.

    Regarding stealing content – “Two times is cute?” Oh wow, you are very patient. If I’m on Other Dude’s site, PLEASE let me know. Yikes.

    I hate when I get calls from people who don’t know anything about their websites. I always send people all their passwords and tell people to keeeeeepp themmmmm foreverrrrrr, but guess what? They don’t.

    Keep up the good work with the economy, you two.

    • Speaking of passwords, I love it when we generate really good passwords for people and give them all the lectures about security and five minutes later they change it to “password123”. Sigh.

  • The more I think about “Other Dude” and his antics, the angrier I get. Since the pen is mightier than the sword …

    Hey, Other Dude, listen up!
    Cause here’s the skinny and scoop
    Keep stealing other people’s content
    And you’ll land in a cesspool of poop!

    Heard of something called courtesy?
    Only narcissists don’t follow rules
    Keep stealing other people’s content
    And get covered in wet gooey stool!

    Don’t claim we didn’t warn you
    And don’t dare turn a blind eye
    Keep stealing other people’s content
    And get hit with a smelly mud pie!

    [end of rant]

    • HA! HA!!! HA!!!!!!!

      One day I am going to record myself reading one of your poems so you will actually get to hear how I crack up laughing and then Ralph looks over and says, “What?” and all I say is “Melanie.”

      I’m a superfan of ETHICS so when people do this stuff it makes me crazy. I want to understand what was going on in their heads to think this was a good idea? Who wakes up one day and says “I will steal this and make money from it.”

      If I could figure that out I could solve world hunger, too.

      • ” Who wakes up one day and says “I will steal this and make money from it.” Unfortunately, more people than we’d like to imagine. 🙁 The Pollyanna in me wants to hold on to the notion that people are basically good. But then there’s the adult part of me that knows better.

      • I don’t generally traverse into the poetic realm of shit but this guy deserves all the excrement possible to rain down on him.

        Always happy to bring on a giggle! 🙂

  • Brian Shea says:

    I’m a Super Fred? Dropping serious knowledge? I’m so honored. Thank you.

  • Jason Wiser says:

    I was doing my daily treadmill, which BTW is only 30 minutes, and you forced me to double that ~ you suck, and absolutely fell in love with you two all over again. You two crack me up, keep me entertained, and most of all I love your practical approach to business. You two really get it.

    I need to invent an app that allows you to take notes to podcasts while running or driving and while the podcast is playing. That would be a gold mine.

    Fred, Uncle Hector, “Other Dude” ~ It’s like the characters from Cheers. I’m loving learning everyone’s name.

    The last 30 minutes was sheer genius and I want to see you use these “4 no 5 things” and add them to the show notes. So I can go back to them for reference.

    Ok headed to the gym for episode 55

    • So what you’re saying is that we are single handedly responsible for a national improvement in health! Just think of all those extra miles on the treadmill…

      Thanks, Jason, we both appreciate your kind words and we also have to thank you for being the source of some awesome sound clips. Just wait…

      I would LOVE to see an app that does that, and kind of lets you put your own verbal markers into a podcast. In the meantime I guess I’d better go put the 4 no 5 things in the show notes 🙂

  • I love the new episodes format on here… Sooo much easier to navigate.. Ok, First five minutes of cast, Ralph, I am rolling over laughing at the whole #runkeeper thing. You think #freds exercise? Seriously? Oh My Gosh, one more thing I have to actually start doing this year… Geez.. Louis…