Thanksgiving Marketing Mashup: Social Plugins, SEO Mindset, The Value Of “Free” And Whole Lot Of Thankfulness

Thanksgiving Marketing Mashup: Social Plugins, SEO Mindset, The Value Of "Free" And Whole Lot Of Thankfulness

Show Notes

It’s Thanksgiving time here in the U.S. and that means we’re gearing up for a nice four-day-long food coma. We were planning on taking the week off but then there were too many things to talk about so here we are. Whether you enjoy this at work or over a slice of pie, we wish you a happy holiday!

In This Episode We Talk About

  • Why you may be experiencing “page not found” errors when sharing your blog posts to Facebook and how to fix it
  • The importance of putting your Twitter handle into the tweet share button on your site
  • What “free” really means
  • Why it’s time to change your thinking about SEO and how you may be focusing on the wrong metrics
  • Plus a bunch of thank yous to just a few of the amazing people in our lives

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Carol Lynn Rivera

Carol Lynn Rivera

I'm a business owner, content creator, podcaster and marketer. In 1999 I founded Rahvalor Interactive, a web and creative services production studio, with my husband and business partner Ralph. In 2011 we created Web.Search.Social, a consulting and marketing service line for small businesses. We also cohost the Web.Search.Social Podcast where we challenge the status quo of marketing and the Carbon Based Business Units podcast where we talk about the human side of being an entrepreneur. On any given day I wear the hat of project manager, consultant, social media manager and content marketer. My true passion is writing and in my spare time I'm busy planning my early retirement to Barcelona as a famous and wealthy novelist.
Carol Lynn Rivera
Carol Lynn Rivera
  • Yes…”thank goodness that day has come and gone.” Happy to be part of the army of Freds. Cheers! Kaarina

  • Hi Ralph and Carol Lynn

    I’m back from my [unauthorized] getaway. 😉 I’ve missed you, massively! As I listened to your Thanksgiving podcast episode, this poem popped out:

    I gobbled up too much turkey
    I’m proud I passed on the pie
    Glad the gravy had no lumps
    Plugin problems make me cry

    Tweets without your Twitter handle
    Equate to turkey without stuffing
    The quality’s declining on freebies
    I’d rather they offer me nothing

    The Marketing Game Changer Kit
    Is the exception to the rule
    Relinquish your email address
    Your marketing tummy will be full

    I cannot consume another piece
    Of crusty stale SEO cake
    As long as I’m garnering leads
    I don’t care about Google’s first place

    I’m thankful for this podcast
    I love you guys so much
    The content here is yummy
    I can never devour enough!

    P.S. The haiku is still in the works. That little number I posted the other day was simply a poetic “in closing” remark. 🙂

    • It just popped out, did it? I am afraid of what will happen if you actually TRY. The universe may shift on its axis. Podcasts everywhere will fall into the great abyss and all that will be left is us, standing on a hill and emoting.

      • Yes. Your podcast has caused me to develop a “Poetry Popping” syndrome. Whatever pops out of your mouth or Ralph’s, turns into poetry. 😉

        I doubt anything I write will ever make the universe shift on its axis. Okay, wobble a little, maybe. LOL!

  • P.P.S. You make my heart smile. Thank you for the mention in your podcast and show notes!! 🙂