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Stop The Bleeding! What To Do If You Lose Your Website To An Unethical Developer Or Other Disaster

By December 16, 2014November 23rd, 2017Podcast, Ralph and Carol Lynn
Stop The Bleeding! What To Do If You Lose Your Website To An Unethical Developer Or Other Disaster

Show Notes

Today’s episode is a follow-up to last week when we talked about the things you need to get in order if you want an effective business continuity plan.

But what if you don’t have a business continuity plan and you lose your site? You have no backup… no access… your online business is paralyzed and you’re about to fly into a panic just thinking about all those lost pages and hundreds of blog posts… gone.

Stop, take a deep breath and listen to this podcast. We talk about how we helped restore our new client’s site from nothing and what you can do if this happens to you.

In This Episode We Talk About

  • Where to start if your website suddenly and unexpectedly disappears
  • How to mitigate loss in Google (and other search) rank
  • We also announce a new official position for the Web.Search.Social Marketing Podcast: The Villain, aka “Some Dude”

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Join the discussion 6 Comments

  • Yippee Kay Yay!! A Tuesday episode! Another irresistible opportunity to hear Ralph’s sexy radio voice.

    I promised myself time off from writing poetry over the holiday season. As per usual, I’ve broken another promise to myself and it’s all your fault. You get on a roll … and I get on a rhyme. 😉

    Podjacked on Monday
    By none other than
    Mister Mike Brooks
    OMG Formula man

    Mister Some Dude
    Villain curation guy
    Is a stealer of copy
    A cheater who’s sly

    See Ralph and Carol Lynn
    For events so apoplectic
    Mr. Dude’s unsavory agenda
    Is unscrupulous and pathetic

    Cranky developers
    Vanish in the night
    Dino says everyone
    Loves a good fight

    It’s an ugly day when
    Your website is tanked
    Lost is your authority
    Along with all that rank

    Save yourself the grief
    Take a proactive stand
    Be swift and ever prudent
    Create a continuity plan

    But first, eat an Oreo. 🙂

  • Did I hear Carol Lynn say something about “double poems” today? I’m game. Catch my second one over at Google Plus. 😉

  • Hi Carol and Ralph,

    This is an awesome post indeed and very helpful for online marketers or bloggers like me who runs any kind of website.

    I will save/bookmark this post for my future needs.

    Thanks you so much for the wonderful tricks. Enjoy your day!