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Start The New Year Right With Cocktails, Instagram And A Positive Attitude Toward Your Customers

By January 5, 2015November 23rd, 2017Podcast, Ralph and Carol Lynn
Start The New Year Right With Cocktails, Instagram And A Positive Attitude Toward Your Customers

Show Notes

Crack out the champagne because we just hit episode 50 of the Web.Search.Social Marketing Podcast! And we’re here thanks to our audience, Fred, who keeps us going with challenges and ideas and some fantastic feedback. We look forward to another year of challenging the status quo and helping you successfully market your business. With some cocktails and chocolate on the side.

In This Episode We Talk About

  • What’s new on the Web.Search.Social Marketing Podcast, including the first Super Fred Shout Out
  • Why we don’t make new year resolutions… except for the few we made
  • The importance of being positive in your communications with customers and how to do that without being either fake or “Pollyanna-ish”
  • Plus we christen a brand new Web.Search.Social position: the Official Pronunciation Teller, bestowed on Super Fred Tammie Rampley

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Join the discussion 8 Comments

  • Carol Lynn and Ralph, amen on that cookie coma 😉

    I ate a bunch and now I’m eating like a monk. Minimalist, food-wise, these days.

    Congrats on episode 50!

    Good note on Show Notes as well. I may venture into the podcast thingee this year.

    Thanks guys,


    • Oh Ryan, I totally feel your pain. A little monkhood is due around here. At least we managed to get back on the treadmill! Keep us posted if you jump into podcasting. I bet you’d love it!

  • Once upon a broadcast
    Sat Ralph and Carol Lynn
    Web and search and social
    Are the podcast tales they spin

    This isn’t the usual party line
    Of “how to” instructional stuff
    It’s purely marketing wisdom
    Void of the hype and the fluff

    The guests are crazy good
    The content is sensational
    Conceptional and refreshing
    Entertaining and inspirational

    The Web Search Social podcast
    Aims to challenge the status quo
    There’s no other broadcast like it
    It’s a downright remarkable show!

    Make a weekly date to listen
    Grab a cuppa and settle in
    Join the fun and market hardy
    With Ralph and Carol Lynn

    Happy 2015! May you fill your first full year of podcasting with wonderful memories and merriment. 🙂

    • Wow, Melanie you outdid yourself with this poem! I’m so excited that you actually rhymed my name, lol… see, it really is about the narcissism. Most excellent way to kick off the new year. I look forward to more rhyming and throwing down of the lyrics in 2015 🙂

  • Hi Carol and Ralph,

    Wow, 50 podcasts already. So I guess that if I have any question about podcast, I know where to ask 🙂 But I actually learned something right now.

    Love your Instagram pictures. Cool pictures. Watching them, I couldn’t help thinking of your other kitty, and never dared asking… did she pass away? Just asking because I’ve never heard or read anything, but I do remember your last year Christmas sad story though, and I’ve thought about her as the cat lover that I am.

    I agree, resolutions are good at any time. Don’t like treadmill, but love to walk in parks. I walk and run most days of the year, as long as it’s outdoors.

    I’ll listen more of the podcast later.

    Happy New Year to you guys.

    • Hi Sylviane,

      Yes, we can certainly answer podcast questions! We keep learning new things all the time. And yes, we lost our other cat last March. We miss her as I know you miss yours.

      I love to walk in parks too but I am definitely waiting for spring for that! In the meantime I have to get on the treadmill and deal with all those Christmas cookies.

      I hope you have a wonderful new year!

      • Thanks for your reply to my question.

        So, sorry about your kiddy, and I’m sure it was not easy.

        That’s the beautify of living in the south. Can go to the park year round! But enjoy your treadmill for now.