Social Marketing Simplified: Manage Images and Plan Campaigns With MavSocial

By October 30, 2014Podcast, With Guests
Social Marketing Simplified: Manage Images and Plan Campaigns With MavSocial
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Show Notes

Today’s podcast episode is a little different because we don’t usually talk tools, but this one stood out. We were first introduced to MavSocial through a campaign they’re running on Triberr. We’ve had a couple of weeks to try out the tool and it has some pretty neat features that might work for your business.

Listen in as we talk with MavSocial’s founder Matthew Holden about where MavSocial came from, where it’s going and how it can help with your social management.

In This Episode We Talk About

  • Why the MavSocial team decided on yet another social media management tool in a space that already seems pretty saturated.
  • How MavSocial is unique in the social space.
  • What tools are available to help you as a business or as an agency manage social accounts faster and easier.
  • Where MavSocial is going next and what that means to you.

Links & Resources

Visit and click “Get Started Free” to try out MavSocial for yourself (no credit card required)

Read the MavSocial blog

MavSocial on Facebook 

MavSocial on Twitter 

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Ralph M. Rivera
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Ralph M. Rivera
Ralph M. Rivera