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Ryan Hanley Can’t Shut His Big, Fat Face. And That’s A Good Thing For Your Content Marketing.

By October 23, 2014November 23rd, 2017Podcast, With Guests
Ryan Hanley Can’t Shut His Big, Fat Face. And That’s A Good Thing For Your Content Marketing.

Show Notes

Both Ralph and I have had the pleasure of being on Ryan’s Content Warfare podcast so today Ryan joins us on ours to talk about what he knows best: content!

If you’re on the content marketing bandwagon and want some insight into taking it up a notch, or if you aren’t convinced and need a push that will get you jumping in with both feet, this is the episode for you.

Ryan is all about challenging the status quo and that’s exactly what we love around here.

In This Episode We Talk About

  • Why content is so important and all the excuses about “why this isn’t for me” are just that – excuses.
  • What it means to be a “connected consumer”.
  • How to use content to combat the noise and competition even if you’re “the little guy”.
  • How to break out of a rut and move beyond your “superfan” bubble to reach more people.
  • And more great stuff about making mistakes, accessibility and digital sharecropping.

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Join the discussion 6 Comments

  • Tinu says:

    This is the third great thing I’ve seen involving him today. Yesterday I had no clue who this cat was. 🙂 Well done so far.

  • Gf says:

    Ryan’s example of the baker down the street is a good one, but he fails to point out the most important thing to the baker: it is all about knowing your audience. Content marketing for a local baker can (and probably should) extend beyond digital content marketing if that is what bakery customers respond to. Maybe most of his customers are older and would prefer a newsletter or recipe card. Even trader joes still does print pieces to support their on line campaigns.
    Content marketing existed long before the internet and has been used effectively by big players for decades in the insurance industry. Longtime AAA members probably remember the AAA magazine featuring travel articles that came out about the time your policy was up. The difference is that digital production is inexpensive enough that the ROI works for smaller players, not that content marketing is a new thing.

    • Quite true, content marketing is not just digital. That’s the space we service so it’s what we focus on but there can be more to it, as you pointed out. Print shouldn’t be overlooked. They say content marketing started with John Deere in the 1800s, right? Fortunately for a lot of small businesses, the internet has opened up the ability to compete. A direct mail piece can be expensive and is by nature finite. Digital content marketing expands reach and possibilities in amazing ways.