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Podcasting Is For Losers, You Owe $70 For Website Backups And Other Marketing Myths

By April 2, 2015November 23rd, 2017Podcast, Ralph and Carol Lynn
Podcasting Is For Losers, You Owe $70 For Website Backups And Other Marketing Myths

Show Notes

After Monday’s doozie of an episode, we kept this one short and light. We talk about movies, podcasts and throw in a little bit of marketing, too. Take a deep breath and have some fun with us!

In This Episode We Talk About

  • Whether podcasting is for losers
  • The importance of narrowing your audience rather than widening it
  • A scam going around asking people to pay for website backups they didn’t ask for
  • Plus we remind you to send us your comments, thoughts and questions using the hash tag #WSSup so our #SuperFred Jillian Jackson, Chief Executive of Everything, can collect them and pass them along to us to talk about on future episodes

Links & Resources

Your Marketing Action Item

From Carol Lynn: Look at your credit card statements and check for any small amounts that you didn’t authorize. Look for any amount you did authorize but is perhaps for a service you don’t use anymore, then cancel it! And be sure never to pay any bills received via email or even postal mail unless you know exactly what it’s for. When in doubt, ask.

From Ralph: Join a local networking group in real life and get out into the world. But first, visit with different groups to find one that fits you best. And when you do join, make sure you engage in social events so you can ditch the business suits and have some fun.

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Join the discussion 7 Comments

  • “Under the weather”? Who, me?! Not really. Just leading a pasta/pizza/potato-free, dairy-free, fat-free, grain-free, cookie-free lifestyle at the moment. Otherwise, I’m feeling chipper, peppy, and perky. Sort of. 😉 I’d kill for a carb-laden carrot! LOL!

    Two movies I’m crossing off my list: “Tusk” and “Eat”. Keep sharing the reviews. I appreciate knowing where I shouldn’t waste my time. You two missed your calling, by the way. You could be the next Siskel and Ebert. 🙂

    • lol, well, if I was having a carb/fat/sugar/flavor free week I’d be under the weather, too! But I don’t think anything could make you un-chipper. You take everything with such good grace and humor.

      Yes, you probably want to cross those movies off. They were unique but quite disgusting. What are your favorite movies? Then I can make better recommendations 🙂

      • I’m a sucker for a well played out whodunnit. I’m immediately hooked into a good murder mystery. I’m also a fan of romantic comedies and anything surrounding the paranormal. The paranormal fascinates me.

        I watched a really good series on Netflix last year that I, initially, thought I would hate. Turned out to be a winner. If you’re a history buff, catch “The Tudors”.

        On the food front …

        It seems it IS possible to have a love affair with Romaine lettuce. 😉

        • First of all NO to tofu! It is wrong in so many ways!

          But wait, I’m supposed to be supportive. GOOD FOR YOU!

          Also, celery. Ew. It’s like chewy water.

          WHERE WAS I!?!

          Yes, I like mysteries and thrillers. I would like comedies more if they were actually funny 🙂 I haven’t seen the Tudors but I have Netflix so I will have to check it out and get a fix on what you like!

  • “Podcasting and Tea Don’t Mix”

    We’re sending off the condolences
    Sadly Alisa’s mixer got snuffed out
    It happened at the end of a tea bag
    The replacement mixer is en route

    Seems podcasting is for losers
    According to a cranky old man
    Take Howard with a grain of salt
    His brain is fogged in radio land

    Nuclear Chowder podcast is dead
    Delicious Mike Brooks is shirking
    Time to cue the Jason Wiser bot
    I’m sure Howard Stern is smirking

    Scams come in all shapes and sizes
    By way of email and snail mail alike
    Question everything you find suspect
    Then tell scammers to go take a hike!

    • So we apparently have to make a retraction. Seems like Alisa’s mixer survived! Against all odds, but it may live to see another podcast. And THEN Mike Brooks released a new podcast that very day 🙂

      So maybe we are just performing our magic!

      Also I should probably catch up with my mail more than every seven days…. just realized I never even responded to this. UGH!

      • Yeah, I came back to change the first stanza. Alisa and I had a little chat over at LinkedIn after I posted the poem. Seems she didn’t have to replace the mixer after all. Amen!

        Mike did a podcast the same day I rhymed he was shirking?! Yes, you and Ralph are definitely magicians. Add that to your portfolio. 😉