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Make Your Marketing Oh So Pinteresting With Pinterest And Avoid Content Curation Noise [Podcast]

By August 11, 2014January 3rd, 2015Writing & Content Marketing
Overcome The Content Curation Curse By Making Your Marketing Oh So Pinteresting [Podcast]

I used to hate Pinterest.

I’ll admit it.

But it was for no good reason.

I think it probably had to do with the fact that when Pinterest came onto the scene there were already so many other players that needed my attention that I just didn’t want another.

Then Cynthia Sanchez came into my life and made me a Pinterest Junkie.

I want to share my path to Pinterest along with an interesting conversation I had with Cynthia on her podcast Oh So Pinteresting and then share a few thoughts on how you can use Pinterest to really add a dash of BOOM! to your marketing. Once you are done reading this article listen to the episode and then head over to Oh So Pinteresting and sign up for a FREE step-by-step video course on Pinterest and get free weekly updates.

Also, follow Cynthia on Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, YouTube, and of course Pinterest.

For a little extra credit, check out this video that Cynthia and I did about analytics tracking on Pinterest. Cool stuff.

When Did I Become A Pinterest Convert?

Ok, I’ll admit it. I used to think Pinterest was for chicks. But, come on, cut me a little slack here because according to a lot of different sources roughly 80% of Pinterest users are women. So it’s understandable when a dude is a little hesitant to jump into the Pinterest pool.

The moment of conversion came when I was talking to Cynthia and she told me that I could create a board to track all the movies I’d seen as well as a separate board to make a list of podcasting equipment. Each of those were things I was actively talking about.

I’ll admit that Cynthia’s initial push didn’t get me going. What ultimately made me take the plunge is that I exhausted Cynthia’s patience by talking about wanting to join Pinterest without actually doing it. She eventually told me to shut up and stop being such a…

Well. Probably best not to get too specific in the details.

So I jumped in and I can definitively say two things:

First, using Pinterest to track, store and share things of interest to me has been amazing. When I see a new movie, I pin it. When I find a really good article on PHP that I want to keep for reference, I pin it. When I find a cool picture of a dragon, I pin it. Pinterest gives me a centralized place to make my own content organization decisions with just a click of a button.

Second, from a business perspective, pinning content by Web.Search.Social has led to tremendous traffic. I’m not going to get into the details of how to use Pinterest for business here because you can check out Cynthia’s site and podcast for that. But if you are a blogger, publisher or business and you haven’t gotten your feet wet on Pinterest, then you are missing some Oh So Pinteresting opportunities.

The Content Curation Rub

Ok, so a few weeks ago, I started this content curation discussion that has evolved and expanded to other places such as the Content Warfare Podcast and Social Media Unscrambled Podcast.

Throughout all of these different discussions and debates, I was waiting for someone to ask me, “Well, what about Pinterest? How does that fit in?” It would have been a good question because Pinterest is mostly the exception to the general arguments I was making against content curation because Pinterest is, simply put, the most elegant content curation platform out there.

In my conversations, the museum metaphor was used repeatedly, but no platform parallels the metaphor better than Pinterest. In fact Pinterest is no different than a well run, well curated, real world museum.

Adding The Boom

If you run a business, chances are you have been asked questions by your customers. Sometimes the answers to those questions require pictures, documents or other miscellaneous information such as content from other web sites. With Pinterest, you can create different boards for different needs and populate those boards with links back to your site or links to third party resources. Your boards can be managed so that they make sense to your customers and provide highly organized and centralized information.

Does this replace your web site? No, but it can supplement it.

Having well maintained Pinterest boards also gives your business the opportunity to create a community around your content that can be shared and commented on. You can even create Pinterest rich pins that incorporate additional meta data such as pricing that makes Pinterest give your site an SEO a power boost.

Go Ahead And Listen

Ok, I don’t want to spoil the show for you and get into too many details. Please give it a listen then do me a few gigantic favors:

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