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Passion And Business Go Together Like Chicken And Waffles

By December 18, 2014November 23rd, 2017Podcast, With Guests
Passion And Business Go Together Like Chicken And Waffles

Show Notes

Today we talk to Clare Price, self-published author of Web of Betrayal, a cyber thriller set in the dinosaur days of the internet – 1994.

She not only self-published but created her own publishing house to do it. And she took on all of the marketing and promotion herself. How did she do it? Join us to find out!

And if you’d like a chance to win an autographed copy of the book, enter here by Friday December 19th.

In This Episode We Talk About

  • How to combine passion and business sense to achieve your dreams
  • Why you shouldn’t be discouraged if your book sales slow down and what to do instead
  • The “be everywhere” approach and how it can help you get the word out about your book (or product… or service… or anything!)
  • And more fun stuff about the evolution of technology and how you can use it to create a multimedia experience around your own book, product or service

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Join the discussion 6 Comments

  • Oooh! Just my style. I love, love, LOVE a murder mystery and suspense thriller. I’ve never tried chicken and waffles. Sounds like I’ve been missing out on something spectacular.

    1994 was a heck of a life-altering year. For all the reasons Clare mentioned and … my divorce was final in May of that year. Woohoo!! A hallmark event and moment of celebration – not to mention major relief. (Maybe Clare will consider writing my horror story some day)

    Yes, Ralph. Stay tuned. I have insider knowledge the Word Carnival group will take over the world. The whole takeover strategy, by the way, revolves around marketing, baby, marketing! With Carol Lynn in the group, it’s a slam dunk. 😉

    Full control, speedier promos, and higher revenues screams savvy and sensational, Clare. Kudos to you for self publishing and creating your own publishing company! Totally jazzed to hear you’re focusing on the “experience” of your book, not just the “read”. Unique and fascinating approach!

    I’m definitely in that “traditional reader” group. I prefer having a book in my hands. The tactile experience of turning each page helps me get in better “touch” with the author’s story.

    {{{Hugs}}} all around. Wonderful interview. Wishing Clare mounds of well-deserved success with Web of Betrayal and CFP Media Group!

    • Sounds like karma! I’m not sure I remember back that far to know what happened that year 🙂 It was before we started our business… before we were married, even! That’s ancient history, lol.

      I also like having a REAL book. Don’t let anyone convince you that digital books are still books. They’re just words words words! A book has a whole character that makes it a book. The story, sure, But also the look and the feel of it and the smell of it and the texture of the paper… let’s hope books don’t go out of style before I do.

      • Yeah, REAL books – those items you display proudly on something called a bookshelf or store for safekeeping in a classy piece of furniture called a bookcase. 😉 I love the whole sensory experience of REAL reading.

        1994 – My twins were in their “terrible two’s”. Let’s just call it a memorable year. LOL

  • P.S. Your website design is divine, Clare! Just popped over there to take a peek. No buttering up or blowing smoke or any lame lip service — Web Search Social did a FAB job!

  • Loved this episode, guys. All good things from 3 people I love to learn from. Where is the chicken and waffles recipe? And how do I enter to win this fab book?