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Marriage And Business: A Love Letter

Marriage And Business: A Love Letter

By Podcast, Readings, True Stories

Today is Word Carnival day, that once-monthly event where a bunch of business bloggers get together to write on a theme. This month’s topic: the secret to my success.

Rather than talk about tools or tricks or mindsets or practices, I decided to have a little fun and turn this into a love letter because there really is only one thing I can’t live without: my business partner, husband and love of my life. I hope you know someone like this, too, because you really can’t succeed alone.

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Bad Chief, Bad Tribe. How To Get More Shares On Triberr.

Bad Chief, Bad Tribe. How To Get More Shares On Triberr.

By Marketing Insights & Strategy, Podcast, Readings

How can my content be shared more on Triberr?

I get asked that question every day several times a day. The short answer is “write good content that people will want to share.” But of course nothing is ever as easy as that. So I want to present some ideas on how you can get your content viewed by more people using Triberr as a tool.

If you are a blogger, podcaster or YouTuber who produces great content and you’re struggling to find an audience, give Triberr a shot – it’s easy, it’s free and these tips will help you make the most of it.

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Why The Starbucks "Race Together" Campaign Failed To Fail

Why The Starbucks “Race Together” Campaign Failed To Fail

By In The News, Podcast, Readings

Have you read the hoopla surrounding the Starbucks “Race Together” campaign? To read the stories, one might think this was the most evil blight to hit humanity.

Was it poorly planned? Was it badly executed? Did it completely miss its audience and prove that there is just another tone-deaf CEO trying to reach the cool kids?

Or are we perhaps too scared of the subject to give it credit, to dare see a bright light in the madness?

And why does this matter to your small business, anyway?

That’s what I tackle today – issues from race to raving lunatics, from social media to customer relationships. Here’s my perspective and why I think the alleged “failure” of the campaign wasn’t a failure at all. Agree or disagree, there is something for all of us to learn.

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