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You say you want a great website. Lots of followers on social media. To be number one in Google.

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Stop looking for roadmaps and blueprints. Forget about fan counts, “likes” and “what Google wants”. Marketing is about understanding what your customers need, how you can give it to them, and building a bridge to make that happen. If you’re tired of big promises with little results, let us show you a different way.

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Dear Twitter Guy: This Is Why You Lost My Business

Dear Twitter Guy: This Is Why You Lost My Business

By Social Marketing

This is a short story about how I *almost* bought an author’s book. But more importantly, it’s about how not to conduct business on social media. It’s not a big deal… there was no crisis, no insult, nothing dramatically eye-rolling. Just a simple matter of an unanswered tweet. But in a world where we’re all busy and overloaded – not to mention “sold to” every second of the day – that was all it took to lose the sale. Read the rest of the story and take a lesson from one Random Guy’s missed opportunity.

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Why Do We Trust Seth Godin?

Why Do We Trust Seth Godin?

By In The News

What makes Seth Godin so effective? At his recent appearance at Brookdale College, he didn’t say much I haven’t heard before. We’re in a new economy, the industrial economy is over, competition is fierce, you must stand out to succeed, get past your fear, “fly closer to the sun.” So what is it that makes his message so compelling? It’s something we can all learn from.

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Adapting To Customer Needs: How Triberr’s Dan Cristo Became My Man Crush

By True Stories

Today’s businesses must plan and budget for ongoing marketing in a marketplace that is always changing and often unpredictable. The key ingredient in any ongoing marketing brew is to continually monitor customer needs and adapt offerings to those needs. That doesn’t have to be as hard as it sounds. It just means listening to your customers, paying attention to what they need, and delivering it. Here’s how Triberr did that for me. And how other companies did it for their customers. They’re examples worth following if you want to stand out in a crowded world.

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My Credit Card Or Yours? Your Marketing Relies On Smart Financial Decisions.

My Credit Card Or Yours? Your Marketing Relies On Smart Financial Decisions.

By Marketing Insights & Strategy, Podcast, Readings

Guess what? Your marketing company can make things really simple for you.

They can pay for your hosting, your domain renewal, your email software, and your social scheduling software. They can itemize all of those expenses for you and then send you one bill.

Easy peasy. Lemon Squeezy.

But I want to share two stories with you that illustrate the downside of the easy-peasy-one-bill method so you’ll see why it’s so important to know who owns your accounts and services.

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Oh, The Outrage! The Reality Of Trying To Please Everyone With Your Marketing

Oh, The Outrage! The Reality Of Trying To Please Everyone With Your Marketing

By Podcast, Ralph and Carol Lynn

Just recently Apple announced a new iOS update and as part of a PR collaboration with the rock band U2, Apple added a free copy of U2’s latest album onto Apple users’ iPhones.

While some of you may be thinking, “Cool, free stuff!” others were outraged by the fact that Apple did something “without their permission”, even if that something was giving away a free album.

Thus opens the conversation in this podcast about good marketing gone bad and when you should and shouldn’t run in to pick up the pieces.

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Business Card Marketing: Titles Don't Matter Except When They Do

Business Card Marketing: Titles Don’t Matter Except When They Do

By Marketing Insights & Strategy, Podcast, Readings

Are you a Firestarter?

How about a Ninja? Chief Fun Maker? Executive Content Czar?

When it comes to the titles that people put on their business cards, I’ve seen some pretty interesting things. But the big question is: does that help or hurt them?

Read or listen to today’s blog to find out.

Even if you think you know the answer, I bet you’ll be surprised by some of the ideas that you can try on your own to find out what title suits you best.

Find out how to make a title work for you.

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