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You say you want a great website. Lots of followers on social media. To be number one in Google.

But what you really want is to get noticed so you can generate leads, make more money and grow your business.

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Stop looking for roadmaps and blueprints. Forget about fan counts, “likes” and “what Google wants”. Marketing is about understanding what your customers need, how you can give it to them, and building a bridge to make that happen. If you’re tired of big promises with little results, let us show you a different way.

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I’m a do-it-yourselfer and need free online resources so I can improve my marketing.

If you don’t have a marketing budget and want to do it yourself, we’ve got free resources to help. Read our articles, listen to our podcast, and use what inspires you to build your own marketing plan!

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I need to stay focused on running my business and I want you to be my marketing team.

If you want help growing your business without gimmicks, we can be your marketing team. We’ll plan, manage and measure results so you can stay focused on running your business.

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7 Tips To Close The Ecommerce Deal Before Your Customer Closes The Browser: Tip #3 (It’s All About The Refunds)

7 Tips To Close The Ecommerce Deal Before Your Customer Closes The Browser: Tip #3 (Refunds)

By Website Design & Marketing

They say the Devil’s in the details. But if you pay attention to yours, you’ll be on your way to a successful ecommerce site. Sometimes all it takes for a customer to make a purchase is a comfort level that she can take a chance on your product without risk. You can take the doubt out of the equation by making guarantees and refund policies clear.

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