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You say you want a great website. Lots of followers on social media. To be number one in Google.

But what you really want is to get noticed so you can generate leads, make more money and grow your business.

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Stop looking for roadmaps and blueprints. Forget about fan counts, “likes” and “what Google wants”. Marketing is about understanding what your customers need, how you can give it to them, and building a bridge to make that happen. If you’re tired of big promises with little results, let us show you a different way.

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If you want help growing your business without gimmicks, we can be your marketing team. We’ll plan, manage and measure results so you can stay focused on running your business.

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Don’t Believe The Hype! Social Marketing “Truths” That Aren’t

Don’t Believe The Hype! Social Marketing “Truths” That Aren’t

By Podcast, Readings, Social Marketing

If marketing your business “these days”, especially in an Internet world, seems overwhelming or confusing… if you’re not sure where to start or if you’ve started but aren’t sure where to go… if you’ve spent money or time (or both) for little results…

It might be time to realign your thinking about marketing altogether. Here are a few things you may have been conditioned to believe about social marketing – some misconceptions and misperceptions that will do nothing but stand in the way of engaging in productive, lead-generating marketing.

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Sorry! But You Need To Stop Apologizing For Your Marketing

Sorry, But You Need To Stop Apologizing For Your Marketing

By Marketing Insights & Strategy, Podcast, Readings

Are you one of those people who starts sentences with the word “sorry?” As in, “Sorry, but I just think coffee is better than tea.” I’ve been noticing that more and more lately. Not just in every day colloquial conversation, but in the way that businesses of various sizes manage their marketing.

The word sorry should never be used to start any marketing message or else you run the risk of diminishing the authority of your brand. Here’s why.

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When Is Marketing Not Marketing?

When Is Marketing Not Marketing?

By Marketing Insights & Strategy, Podcast, Readings

When it comes to marketing there are a lot of ways to do it. And it’s wonderful to have so many opportunities but at the same time it can be so overwhelming that we end up with decision paralysis.

Marketing fundamentals may be the same: provide a good product or service that people need then get them to want it so they’ll buy it. But the mechanics of making that happen – the strategies and tactics that you’ll ultimately employ – will vary greatly.

Here are just a few things to consider about whether a marketing idea is good – for you.

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