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Nix The Rules And Add Some Magic To Your Marketing

By February 16, 2015November 23rd, 2017Podcast, Ralph and Carol Lynn
Stop Following Marketing Rules And Start Being Human

Show Notes

It’s a Super Freduary episode today as we’re joined by Melanie Kissell, the Poet Laureate Consultant in Poetry to the Web.Search.Social Marketing Podcast and the very first SuperFred to receive an official title.

When it comes to poetry, Melanie doesn’t disappoint. She has graced more than a few of our posts and podcasts with a rhyme or two and we’re going to be collecting them for your reading pleasure soon, so stay tuned. In the meantime you can scan the comments section of most of our recent posts and you’re bound to find one.

What’s Freduary?

It’s an entire month dedicated to all things SuperFred. And if you don’t know what a SuperFred is – or I should say who a SuperFred is, then you’ll have to listen in and join the army.

Enjoy Freduary with us! Send your messages and tweets tagged with #superfred and we’ll be sure to connect!

In This Episode We Talk About

  • Some feedback we received on last week’s conversation with the founder of social media tool plus a few more reasons why we’re not fans
  • The difference between “being sorry” and a genuine apology
  • Why automation can wreck havoc with your online social strategy
  • The importance of remembering that there are actual human beings on the other end of your social status updates
  • Why you should run the other way whenever someone gives you a marketing “rule”
  • Plus more good stuff to look forward to and some really fun things our friends are up to that can help you with your business and marketing. And Brussels Sprouts.

Links & Resources


If you message or tweet them, add the hashtag #superfred so they know you’re part of the army!

More Resources

Your Marketing Action Item

From Melanie: Pick someone in your existing network and reach out to deepen the relationship. Send them a note to say hello, to let them know you’re thinking of them, to share a thought or idea. Get creative! Send an image collage or a video then see what happens. Challenge yourself to reach out to someone once a week.

From Ralph: Dig out an invoice for your monthly web or marketing service and then call you developer or marketing company and ask them to tell you what you’re paying for, what you’re getting and what you can expect. Make sure you understand what you’re paying for and why.

From Carol Lynn: Find a rule, any rule that you’ve heard about email marketing, social marketing, seo, blogging – anything at all – and email it to [email protected]. Share you’re opinion of the rule and we’ll share ours in return.

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Join the discussion 9 Comments

  • Totally fun and fruitful conversation! I felt I was sitting across the table from you, enjoying a beer and some chips, and dissing Brussel sprouts (and automated Twitter DM’s). LOL

    I’m with you, Ralph – “Son-chez” sounds better than “Sanchez”. Either way, Cynthia rocks.

    Superheroes of Marketing, no doubt, is going to hit podcast land with celebratory fireworks, confetti, and Oreos all around. I’m excited for Alisa Meredith. She’s a smart cookie in her selection of whom she’s entertaining on the first episode. I happen to know her flagship guests are tippity top marketing professionals.. 😉 Can’t wait to tune in on March 4th.

    Ooo-la-la! WSS marketing podcast poetry museum is on the horizon! Hope all the construction materials arrive on time and the weather cooperates for the build. Looking forward to submitting new pieces to the museum as the podcast marches on!

    Thanks again for inviting me to join you on the show. And no matter how tasty Kevin’s recipes sound, I will never become a Brussel sprouts convert. Not gonna happen. “Sorry”, Kevin. 😉

  • P.S. Just checked out Sorry for Marketing [dot] com. My kind of content!
    TOO. HILARIOUS. (and too true) FOR. WORDS.
    Love it!!

  • Katherine Kotaw says:

    Fun and funny episode, but I expected nothing less. Congrats, Melanie, Carol Lynn and Ralph for blazing the keep-it-real trail on social media!

    • Hi Katherine – Elated to find you here. 🙂

      If there’s anyone on the net who “keeps it real”, it’s you! Thank goodness you’re beating that drum on social media. Loved the comment you posted over at G+. Thank you! It all boils down to behaving online as you would offline. Sorry to say some folks just don’t get it.

      Come back soon. Ralph and Carol Lynn have a really good [marketing] thing goin’ on here. And I happen to know you know a thing or twenty-two about marketing. 😉

    • Melanie is as awesome a guest as she is at everything else 🙂 I’m not sure how it took so long to get her on but now that she’s “been there done that” she will be old hat. No doubt bringing poetic words of wisdom every time!

  • Melanie Kissell is a Magical Unicorn. I always suspected it. Now I know for sure. 🙂

    PS – Carol Lynn, if you are ever down Wilmington way I will roast up a giant pan of Brussels sprouts for us. Ralph can play outside with the dogs.

  • Melanie, what an awesome episode. You were fantastic. Wonderful advice. Cannot wait to hear Alisa ‘ s new podcast…

  • OK, I’m SO on the brussels sprouts and asparagus team CL! Go #TeamBrusselsSprouts. And hey…I’m Canadian, so I’m alway “sorry”, haha! Loved the discussion. Great to hear Poet Laureate Melanie.

    On a serious note: I don’t apologize for things that I’m not sorry about, nor things that need not be apologized for. But if I’ve made a mistake or gaffe that requires an apology, even when it requires taking the high road (which is the more difficult road sometimes) I find it easy to make a sincere apology…and yes, fix it!

    Ditto on the direct message that slaps you in the face, whether on twitter or anywhere else. And in terms of the “expert and guru” rules…well, I can’t really publish that here because then I’d have to say “sorry”. 🙂 Cheers!