New Year Wishes For Fun And Inspiration

By December 31, 2012 June 28th, 2015 Marketing Insights & Strategy
New Year Wishes For Fun And Inspiration

We’re on the edge of a new year, and while I know how quickly the glitter wears off and how soon resolutions are forgotten, it’s hard to feel unhopeful as I look ahead at a blank slate… twelve fresh months to do whatever I want, however I choose to do it and to make friends and win business along the way.

By January 3rd we may be back to life and business as usual, but at least for today, the world is filled with possibilities. Opportunities. Second… and third… and fourth chances.

This could be the year I get rich. Or thin.

It could be the year I get famous. Or infamous.

Maybe it will be the one when I write the epic blog post or finally get around to doing the viral video.

I mean, it could happen. The New Year promises so.

I like to think about all the “coulds”, before deadlines start to hit again, before the next deadbeat client makes me wonder what I’m doing here instead of in a café in Barcelona. Before I realize I still haven’t written my blog post for January 3rd.

So spend a few moments dreaming with me of all the things this year could be for you – if you want it, if you put your mind to it and if you go after it with all the energy and hope you feel right now.

What do you really want for your business? For yourself? There’s no better time to imagine it than right now!

My Simple Wishes For You

I wish you an ad-free Facebook news feed, but enough people looking at your ad to keep your business moving forward.

I wish you a thousand new email subscribers but not one single extra newsletter to clutter your inbox.

I wish you a photo-worthy dinner to fascinate your Instagram followers every night, but no endless photos of other people’s steak and potatoes to bore you.

I wish you an instant and satisfying response to your every customer service complaint on Twitter but not one lodged against you or your business.

I wish you a hundred new starry-eyed leads a day but not one sales call to interrupt your lunch.

I wish you a place at the top of Google’s search results and no fallout from any new animal-themed updates.

I wish you more checks coming in the mail than leaving your hands.

I wish you a high enough Klout score that you can spend the rest of the year telling everyone that Klout doesn’t matter.

I wish you enough wins to keep you happy and enough losses to keep you motivated.

I wish you the ability to see past tricks, formulas and gimmicks to the real path that only you can follow to success.

I wish you, at long last, the nickel you were promised for each email you forwarded to everyone in your address book.

And I wish you the fulfillment of every dream you can think to imagine upon the blank slate ahead of us. Happy New Year!

Thank you for coming along on this journey with me and I’m looking forward to discovering what we can do together this year.