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Nadia Bracken Brings The Hotness

By March 15, 2016October 29th, 2017Podcast, Ralph and Carol Lynn
Nadia Bracken Brings The Hotness

We Have The Best SuperFreds

Just recently one of our favorite listeners sent us the most amazing gift – a Cuisinart tea brewer that lets us set the perfect temperature for any kind of tea we could possibly want. It’s gotten quite a workout since arriving on our doorstep from the wonderful Nadia Bracken and we don’t know what we did to deserve it, but we definitely appreciate it!

We think we’ve converted her to be a Simpson & Vail fan, too, which is icing on the cake – or honey in the tea, perhaps.

Thank you, Nadia, for bringing the hotness – literally! And while we’re on the topic of tea, don’t wait another second before you try SV’s Beatrix Potter blend. If you like chamomile, this is the perfect treat.

Speaking Of SuperFreds And Tea…

Our friend Cyndi (code name) Chamomile over at Simpson & Vail forwarded us yet ANOTHER email from the same persistent marketer we made fun of on one of our recent episodes. If you missed it, the emails started out as standard automated marketing then got more and more annoying as the sender apologized (rather unapologetically) for persisting.

In this latest installment, the sender helpfully tried to make responding easier for Cyndi, by asking her to respond with a single letter – A, B, C or D – where each letter represented a different response.

A. I’m busy but check back

B. I’m not interested… and so forth

We suggested she respond with “E” – I’m too busy making fun of you to respond!

We Asked, Mike Answered: Does Automated Spam Marketing Work?

In a recent episode we challenged Mike Brooks to find out whether persistent, pushy, obnoxious email marketing works – and why. You’ll have to listen for the full humorous effect but Mike’s answer boils down to: it works because people send out such a massive volume of emails that even if a fraction of a fraction of them turn into money, that’s still a lot of money. Plus if aggressive spam marketing didn’t work, people wouldn’t bother doing it, would they?

Thanks to Ian Anderson Gray for his dramatic reading of Mike’s reply.

You Know Who Else Markets Aggressively? Jehovah’s Witnesses.

They do it via a different medium – door-to-door rather than inbox-to-inbox – but it’s the same concept. Nag, nag, nag until someone reacts.

We’ve been asked to be removed from their list myriad times but somehow they always end up on our doorstep on a Saturday morning trying to sell their brand of faith.

This isn’t a commentary on the faith but rather the way it’s marketed, and that’s aggressively, persistently, with complete disregard for the “unsubscribe” option.

We wonder: does that damage their brand? Who decided this was a good way to market, anyway? And how well is it working out? Maybe it follows the same premise of spam email marketing. Flood enough inboxes and someone is bound to buy. Knock on enough doors and someone is bound to convert.

For Ian, he says that aggressive recruiting is not appealing. Like everything he does, Ian prefers the “relationships first” approach, whether in matters of business or faith.

We’d love to have a Jehovah’s Witness on our podcast to talk about their branding and marketing – would you listen?

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  • Hey guys. My parents got into the JW’s years ago. I left asap. But anyhoo…. Years ago they used to keep records of who they visited and how warm or cold they were. The only way you could get someone registered as a DNC – do not call – was to be violent or aggressive. I dont know if its the same now. Not that Im advising anyone to go all Furiosa on them……

    • lol!! I’ll be sure not to call on Furiosa although I have been tempted to call the police as they stand there, and report them for harassment. That kind of persistence is annoying bordering on infuriating whether it’s marketing or witnessing or a pizza delivery door hanger. Do something else… ANYTHING else!

      • They try to get around the harassment side of things by telling their members that being yelled at or being rejected is just the same as how the disciples were treated. They view it as persecution and I think they believe that this makes it right somehow. If they get yelled at hey must be more godly! Kind of how we feel pretty successful if we get noticed by an internet troll! You have to admire their resilience, even if you don’t agree with their techniques lol

        • It makes me sad to think that people think being persecuted is a good sign. Of course it’s also kind of scary… makes you wonder what lengths people will go to, to get their daily dose of godliness. Of course in some cases we know how far… guess I’ll just keep saying “no thank you” and let them move on peacefully!

  • The JW’s also aren’t taught to go knocking on doors as a marketing exercise. They are told by God to go forth and spread the word, so that’s what they do. I’m not sure they view it as a business at ground level. Maybe in the upper echelons.

    • I want to ask them how that’s working out for God. He winning a lot of hearts and minds by having his people annoy everyone in their bathrobes on a Saturday morning?

  • I would love to hear that podcast, however, from what I know of them, I doubt they would do it. Their “mission”, their requirements as to what time they put in “telling others’ comes from much higher up than local leaders. They feel like they are required to do that door to door work in order to earn their way into heaven. They don’t see it as a form of marketing and I can only imagine that any and all conversations will lead to attempts to convert you and everyone listening. Every conversation with any of them leads there. I can only imagine that their leaders are even better at it.

  • Hi Carol and Ralph
    It is indeed a joy to land on your page here. I am here today via
    It is really amazing to read thru. Kaarina Dillabough page.
    I like the presentation you made in this podcast.
    And of course I fully agree with the approach of the Jehovah’s Witnesses in propagating their faith, yes, though sometimes it is so irritating we the bloggers and writers can pick few lessons from them in our marketing!!
    Thanks for sharing this and for the intro of Nadia and the hot stuff!!
    Good Wishes to three of you.
    Keep informed.
    ~ Philip
    PS: Though a bit late our Wishes to both of you for this spl. anniversary!
    Have a great time ahead. 🙂
    ~ phil

    • Thanks for listening and sharing your thoughts, Philip. I think you’re right about bloggers and marketers learning something – namely, think about your audience and what they need, not just what you want to “sell.” Enjoy the day!