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Myth: My Website Will Be Successful If I Get A Lot Of Hits

By April 27, 2010June 26th, 2015Website Design & Marketing
Myth: My website will be successful if I get a lot of hits

Reality: “Hits” is an inadequate metric. To measure the success of your website you must review and act on your analytics reports, which will tell you how many visitors there were to your site, how they got there and what actions they took while visiting, among many other important statistics.

Web analytics can give you valuable insight into how well each page of your site is performing based on how many people access it, how long they spend on it and what further action they take after visiting it.

Analytics can also tie into your advertising programs to let you know what kind of return on investment you’re achieving.

Conversions – the number of people who become new leads or customers – are the best measure of success. There’s a good chance you’d rather have 100 visitors and 10 sales, than 1000 visitors and no sales. Analytics allow you to set up conversion funnels and track how well your site is pulling in new leads or sales.

Getting more leads and sales is always a better outcome that simply getting more hits or traffic to your web site.