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Myth: I Need My Site To Be #1 In The Search Engines

By April 6, 2010January 1st, 2015Search Marketing
Myth: I Need My Site To Be #1 In The Search Engines

Reality: The number one site in one person’s search results can be completely different than the number one site in another person’s search results. Search engines serve results based on personal search history, preferences and geography.

Additionally, search results fluctuate constantly as search engines crawl and index new pages. Results you see right this minute may be different than results you’ll see in a day or an hour.

Measuring your conversions and reviewing site analytics can present a more accurate picture of the effectiveness of your search listings. If traffic to your site is increasing, as well as your leads and sales, it’s a good indication that your search marketing is working, regardless of where you see your site listed at any particular place and time.