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My Transgender Entrepreneurial Pornographic Pinterest Pledge

By June 10, 2015October 29th, 2017Podcast, Readings, Social Marketing
My Transgender Entrepreneurial Pornographic Pinterest Pledge

Do you know that Pinterest drives a ridiculous amount of traffic to our site?

Did you also know that one of our weaknesses is following our own lessons about Pinterest?

It’s true.

If you listen to our podcast – and you should – you know that we’re fascinated with and big fans of Pinterest. The irony is that it’s the least effective arrow in our quiver. We’ll develop all kinds of graphics for Facebook and Twitter and LinkedIn and everyplace else and then realize that we forgot Pinterest. By that time, client work has consumed us and Pinterest becomes a fading memory.

Last week I talked about Pinterest with Cynthia Sanchez on a yet to be released episode of The Oh So Pinteresting Podcast. The following week, I visited Jeff Sieh on Manly Pinterest Tips to talk about Pinterest.

Apparently my ideas were brilliant, but it was all a sham!

I’m coming clean.

I’m horrible at Pinterest.

You know what the worst thing is? Our guest tomorrow is the one and only Cynthia Sanchez.

I’m kinda feeling like she’s going to disown me due to all of my Pinterest violations. And if her #cynthia2016 campaign is successful and she becomes president, she may make me the target of a drone strike.

Before that happens, I’m making a Pinterest pledge.

I pledge to make interesting pins for all of my articles at my personal blog over at I’ll make good looking images in a vertical orientation using the guidelines published by Dustin Stout. I’ll include some text to entice people to either repin my pin or read my articles. I’ll also include my web address near the bottom so that each image is branded.

I’ve created a Pinterest friendly graphic for each of my articles thus far.

Here’s the board for my personal blog.

Follow Pinterest’s board Pin pets on Pinterest.

Your job – should you choose to accept it – is to be my accountability buddy. If I release an article on my blog without a branded Pinterest image, you can inform Cynthia’s elite guard. If fact, it’s your responsibility to do so in order to protect and preserve our democracy.

Let me take a quick tangent and share a story with you. Last week I started a board of stuff that I want to buy when I become filthy disgustingly rich. As I was adding stuff to the board, I realized that well over half of the items did not have a Pinterest friendly graphic to pin. Some pages even kicked back an error that indicated that there were no graphics to pin at all.

Holy cow. Fortunately, Cynthia can’t blame me for that one.

Understand that Pinterest isn’t a fad any more. It’s a significant player. So much so that some businesses can now use Pinterest to sell items right within the Pinterest platform.

That’s right, Pinterest is gaining so many views that it’s impossible to not have an e-commerce component.

So what’s your business? What do you sell? Are your pages Pinterest friendly? Do you have Pinterest optimized graphics on your pages?

These are things you should know because right now people are searching Pinterest for keywords related to your product or service. So how about you take the Pinterest Pledge with me. Make a commitment to making Pinterest an important part of your content creation. It’s not rocket science. And it’s well worth it.

And truthfully, and it hurts me to say this, it doesn’t require a whole lot more time once you have your content creation process in place. Not having Pinterest optimized content is just lazy.

And, yes, that counts me too.

So now I’m going to give you homework. Go visit my board. Check out my article pins and critique them. Tell me what you like or don’t like about them. Then follow my board and keep a close eye on me as I publish more articles.

I’m pretty shifty so I might punk out and write a piece with no Pinterest pin. If that happens, you have my permission to mock and ridicule me publicly.

Ok, with all of this said, here are a few articles for you to brush up your Pinterest skills. And before you leave, leave me a link to some of your best and worst Pinterest pins in the comments.

Tool Talk – Buffer for Pinterest

Why Pinterest Isn’t a Social Network – And That’s OK

Pinterest Content Marketing Mastery with Cynthia Sanchez | Content Warfare TV


Cynthia’s tagline is “Don’t Just Pin It. Do It.” Wanna know what it means? Hit me up on Social.

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