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Marketing Products: The Good, The Bad And The Nebbish, Sponsored By Mike Brooks And The OMG Formula

By December 15, 2014November 23rd, 2017Podcast, Ralph and Carol Lynn
Mike Brooks and the OLG Formula

Show Notes

Today we invited Mike Brooks of Nuclear Chowder Marketing to sponsor our show and talk about his OMG Formula for marketing. We planned to have him on for five minutes but he stayed for the whole show and we had a spirited debate about how to market an information product online.

We also delve into the difference between a good product and a bad product so listen in for some insights if you’re thinking of either creating – or buying! – an educational or information product online.

In This Episode We Talk About

  • The difference between Mike’s product and the ones we’ve recently slammed for being poor quality
  • How to hook people in your marketing language to get them closer to a sale
  • When it’s ok to say that your product is worth $9,876 but you’re giving it away for free
  • The wrong way to start developing a new information product
  • And more about whether or not it’s ok to make promises, how and when

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Join the discussion 4 Comments

  • Bickering and bantering galore!

    Let’s change the name of the podcast to “Minced Words Marketing”. LOL!!

    Personally, I DON’T want to read/hear that something is “quick”, “easy”, or any other big fat lie. I’m not sold on that kind of sales copy. Doesn’t entice me at all. It turns me off and pisses me off. And I don’t believe in “simply” feeding people “what they want to hear” … “because it works.” What can I say? It doesn’t work for ME. I’d much rather hear about the weeks and months of laser focus, late nights in front of the computer, and the blood, sweat, and tears it’s going to take to make a marketing program/product work. Lay the truth in my lap. I’m a big girl. I can take it.

    I agree with “All good marketing starts with the customer’s need” and “Promise the sizzle and deliver the steak.”

    And the next person who tries to sell me something they claim is quick and easy …
    Is going to get bonked on the head with a bottle of whiskey. 😉

    • Oh, we certainly didn’t mince words as they say!

      You bring up a very good point that is worth talking about… and that’s the point that some marketing tactics work on some people and some on others. I’m in your camp, which is why I take issue with this approach. I don’t want to hear the quick and easy because I am simply too skeptical to believe it. Then I walk away because I don’t believe the claim. On the other hand are all the people who DO want to hear that and who bite when they do.

      So to me, it boils down to who are you trying to attract? Sounds like another topic for discussion 🙂

      And I DO think Mike has a great product. I think maybe he doesn’t do it enough justice because it’s not one of those lame, lazy products that we complain about all the time. It’s actually good learning!

      • I have no doubt Mike’s product is great. And I don’t even need to travel over to his sales page to know he’s offering something worthwhile and above board. Given the fact you and Ralph recommend his OMG Formula tells me everything I need to know. 🙂

        “Minced words” was a joke. You guys definitely DID NOT mince any words in this episode! Just the opposite. LOL

        REALLY good point: “Who are you trying to attract?” Bingo! That’s the key that opens the door to the type of marketing you want to create.

  • P.S. Here’s where I see a big problem, Carol Lynn: It’s fine if you want to target the “Gimme the easy!” people. But if your ‘thing’ isn’t really easy, what then? Where does that leave you? I know where it would leave me … with a boatload of complaints to deal with. I’ll pass.