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Marketing Can Be Oh, So Pinteresting With Cynthia Sanchez

By November 6, 2014November 23rd, 2017Podcast, With Guests
Marketing Can Be Oh, So Pinteresting With Cynthia Sanchez

Show Notes

Today we welcome Cynthia Sanchez, mother of the Web.Search.Social Marketing Podcast and Pinterest marketer extraordinaire. You can’t go two pins across the internet without seeing Cynthia pop up and for good reason – when it comes to marketing your business on Pinterest, she has all the insight, advice and know-how you need.

In This Episode We Talk About

  • Why Pinterest is for more than girls and wedding dresses
  • How you can effectively use it to market your business
  • Why you shouldn’t let people convince you that “Pinterest is for fun, not business”
  • What you need to think about (and do) before you start pinning
  • Promoted pins, rich pins and more!

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Join the discussion 12 Comments

  • So, what did I learn from today’s podcast? Easy. Ralph loves movies!! LOL!

    Genuinely, though, Fred and I adore Cynthia Sanchez and you guys did a bang up job of nailing her with a record number of Pinterest questions. Fab podcast!

    I still say there are businesses that should not be pinning. Funeral directors, morticians, and necrologists come to mind. 😉

    • So funny you said funeral directors – when we had Alisa Meredith on we were also talking about Pinterest and she said that funeral homes were having success with things like inspirations quotes and nice photography. Although I think the morticians should probably stick to the basement…

      • I LOVE Alisa to pieces, mind you, but …
        How inspirational can you really get about death??!! I can see it all now …
        “Inspiration for your expiration”. LOL!

        • I suddenly feel a poem coming on. 😉

          • LOL, I’m all ears 🙂

          • Okay, I’m game. LOL!
            Picture this as an ad (or maybe a social media post):

            If death is knocking on your door
            Before you’re laid to rest
            Take some time to get inspired
            With all our pins on Pinterest

            Don’t miss the pins of puffy clouds
            And stunning shades of sunset
            The coffin pins are lovely, too
            And urns pinned up in vignette

            Don’t let this solemn time in life
            Deter you from inspiration
            Enjoy our boards on PInterest
            Before your expiration

            Wishing you a beautiful journey to the other side!
            Ajax Mortuary

          • Melanie you crack me up to no end. I think you may have missed your calling. Good thing you’re our poet laureate! It suits you perfectly.

          • A giggle is the goal, Carol Lynn. Give me a [poetic] prompt and I’m on it!

            I’m still basking in the glow of my new designation. 🙂

          • Thanks for giving me the opportunity to have some fun once in a while. Life seems to be void of fun most of the time. Unless, of course, you’re Ralph. He seems to be having a pretty good time. 🙂

          • Posted a poem for you in the comment box. 😉

            Hope it doesn’t offend anybody. It was all in jest (and created in under ten minutes).

            Hope you’re having a sensational Saturday!


  • Jeff Sieh says:

    Great podcast Carol and Ralph. Been a fan of Cynthia for a long time. Hearing her on the Social Media Examiner podcast is why I started using Pinterest in the first place.

    As for scheduling pins. I’ve been trying out Tailwind Apps scheduler and for the most part really impressed. Also have started testing Ahalogy’s scheduler as well.

    • Ah, good to know! I get why Pinterest may not want everyone scheduling. It could get super cluttered, especially if people take the usual approach of multi-sharing. But it would be super helpful for marketing. We love Cynthia too, after all she birthed our podcast 🙂