It’s Time To Take Mobile Facebook Marketing Seriously [Infographic]

By December 19, 2012 June 26th, 2015 Social Marketing
It’s Time To Take Mobile Facebook Marketing Seriously [Infographic]

If you’re not totally on board the mobile bandwagon yet, then surely you’ve heard whispers that it’s rolling through town – at high speeds and with determination.

Everything from itty bitty laptops to itty bittier smart phones are forcing businesses and marketers to pay attention.

Whether it’s formatting content to display at various screen sizes, making ease-of-use a priority, or just catching the attention of busy consumers on the go, it’s time for all of us not only to take mobile seriously but quite possibly to put it first.

Crazy, I know.

But when you consider recent statistics that tell us that half of all local searches are performed on mobile… and that an eyebrow-raising 91% of mobile internet access is to socialize… “crazy” is a word you might use to describe people who aren’t obsessing about mobile.

Thanks to the research efforts of Qwaya – a tech company in the business of building social marketing tools – the infographic below should give you food for thought as you plan your marketing strategies for 2013 and beyond.

The Qwaya team put this infographic together to raise awareness and inspire businesses to start thinking about mobile as a unique opportunity. They also think Facebook mobile ads are going to be huge next year. If you want more of their take on that, you can check out this post about Facebook advertising.

Otherwise, their best suggestion for smart marketers? Study your target audience and engage. The best advice is always the simplest!

Let me know if any of the stats in this infographic surprise you or if you have other compelling info to share.


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