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In Which Questionable Things Happen With Puppets, Elves And Social Media With Janet E. Johnson

By January 15, 2015January 11th, 2019Podcast, With Guests
In Which Questionable Things Happen With Puppets, Elves And Social Media With Janet E. Johnson

Show Notes

If you don’t know Janet E. Johnson yet then you’re in for a treat. She hosts her own video podcast called Social Media Hangout Time but it’s not just any old podcast – it’s a podcast with a puppet! What better way to make social media lessons memorable than to tell them with a little… panache?

Janet knows more than puppets, though. She’s a social media whiz who gets real about strategy and results. Just the kind of thing we love to talk about! Tune in for great advice and a good time, too.

In This Episode We Talk About

  • The best way to deal with the inevitable technology snafus that happen when you’re doing a hangout, webinar, video or producing other live content
  • The increasing importance of video in your social strategy and what you need to be doing to make it effective
  • Why you can’t expect a real social media return without an ad budget
  • How to be successful with social media without curating content and even without directly promoting your business
  • When it’s time to hire a professional to help or guide you
  • And more about using social media to your advantage even if all you’ve got to share is a photo of a paint splotch on a wall

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Join the discussion 24 Comments

  • Hmmm … I’m stumped. Always kinda surprised when this happens. Nothing showing up this morning in Janet’s Twitter stream or on her G+ page or FB page about today’s podcast interview. Man, I’d be sending out the shout outs like crazy! (But then, that’s just how I roll.) 😉 Maybe she’s planning on posting the news later on today.

  • Fondly devoted to Janet Erotica Johnson:

    Always, always remember
    It’s all about your content
    Technology has hiccups
    Forget it and stay hellbent

    Lead them to your homeland
    Your list or blog or website
    Don’t depend on SM channels
    Cause you don’t own the rights

    Consistently tracking your results
    Will help you see what’s working
    Ignore those stats and useful facts
    And I’m gonna say you’re shirking

    Humanize yourself on the web
    Speak from your heart and gut
    Cause no one wants to engage
    With a boring business robot

    Facebook’s now strictly pay-to-play
    Or your promotions get zero clout
    Postcards, billboard ads, and such
    Are what promos used to be about

    Businesses fall into this trap
    Thinking social media is free
    Ralph has a puppet alter ego
    Makes perfect sense to me! 🙂

    2015 and I don’t own a smartphone or iPhone. Sheesh. Guess my life is going to hell in a hand basket. May as well abandon ship before the rest of the world throws me overboard. LOL!

    • I don’t know HOW I missed this yesterday! I don’t know what I love more, the word “hellbent” or the actual word “clout” spelled correctly 🙂

      No smartphone, eh? Well you’re in serious trouble now! I don’t know how you survive without checking Facebook every 5.2 seconds. Well, I tell you what, the day I dropped my phone and it shattered was the start of a whole new me. I actually read books now. And talk to live people. Imagine!

      • Yeah, people always want to spell it “klout”. Wrong, people, wrong! Try to keep up. 😉

        “Reading books and talking with people” — Imagine that. (Cheesy grin)

    • Ileane says:

      Melanie, my favorite is the part about the puppet alter-ego but using the word clout really caught my eye too!! You’re amazing 🙂

    • Janetsbiz says:

      Thanks Melanie! Glad you got a lot out of it!

  • Ileane says:

    Hi Carol Lynn, Ralph and Janet,

    I have a couple of comments –
    First I use OneLoad to upload my videos to Facebook and Daily Motion at the same time (although for some reason it’s not working today). You can also connect Flickr, Tumblr and Vimeo Pro.
    The other feedback I have relates to Instagram. Why would Facebook “ding” an Instagram video? I thought those videos got the same kind of preferential treatment as native Facebook videos.
    Another great show guys, I already follow Janet on YouTube and was lucky enough to watch the Ralph Manerna interview. Fun times.

    • Hey Ileane, I pinged Janet on this to get her thoughts. Stay tuned.

    • Janetsbiz says:

      Hi Ileane!

      I will have to check out OneLoad myself. Do you think going through them for Facebook doesn’t decrease the reach? Or is it the same?

      As for Instagram, I don’t remember saying Facebook would ‘ding’ a video from there. That is pretty much the same thing as loading direct to Facebook. I have not done a lot of testing with Instagram, but it is usually just as powerful for images and videos.

      Thanks for following! 🙂

      • Ileane says:

        Hey Janet. I haven’t compared OneLoad vs. Facebook uploads – since I always use Oneload. But I will say that videos are the only content that gets any traction on my page.

        You didn’t say that about Instagram – I think it was Carol Lynn who made that statement but maybe she was asking a question. 🙂

        Thanks and chat soon.

  • So much great information in this episode. Just adding a ton of more things that I need to get in order this year. Why is it that every single time I listen to you guys I figure out how very unorganized I am? lol… I might actually get it all together this year being on your payroll and all…

    • If I were you I’d ask those Web.Search.Social guys for extra “personal development” time so you can get some of this stuff done!

      • I have to confess… today did not bring large amounts of exercise.. But, I have done so much work on cleaning up my email that my eyes are crossing. It will take me a week, but I am conquering this task. I have to be honest, I suck at email. I do. And, since this is my year to work on time management. I really have to get my email organized so that it does not take so long for me to sort through it. I am horrible about forgetting to turn off notifications. Then I get a million of them, and I don’t have my email sorted properly. Before I know it, I have so dang many that I cannot handle them….. I am fixing it. I will NOT stop until I have them all right where I need them.