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If You Park Your Website In The Driveway Your Marketing Won’t Go Anywhere

By January 26, 2015November 23rd, 2017Podcast, Ralph and Carol Lynn
If You Park Your Website In The Driveway Your Marketing Won’t Go Anywhere

Show Notes

Did you buy the BMW of websites then park it in the driveway? Do you sit there now, watching it go nowhere? Well we’re here to tell you that it’s time to change that! Today we tackle the question of whether we, as a company even want to build websites anymore unless we can provide real marketing value and not just a “one off widget”. And we share our thoughts with you on how you may need to change your mindset about your own web presence.

In This Episode We Talk About

  • Whether Facebook limits the posts you see on your newsfeed from friends and family vs brand pages (great question asked by #superfred Betty)
  • What we’re adding next to the Marketing Game Changer Kit (thanks to #superfred Greg)
  • Why having a website isn’t enough and may actually diminish your authority
  • The importance of having a “big picture” mindset when it comes to your website
  • And more about iterating and getting the most out of your web presence

Your Marketing Action Item

  1. From Carol Lynn: look around you right now and find something in your environment that looks interesting. Keep an open mind about what “interesting” means – even a paint splotch has character! Snap a photo of whatever you find, add a caption (describe the photo, share a thought or comment, make a joke) and post it to all your social networks. Don’t forget to add the hashtag #superfred!
  2. From Ralph: spend less time on email. Decide which emails are high priority and deal with those – save the rest for later. Don’t answer every email, especially if someone hasn’t asked for a reply. Only check your email twice a day so you can be more efficient. If you can, delegate the email to someone else to answer. And if it’s something you can do or answer in a few seconds (or minutes) then do it now and don’t delay!

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Join the discussion 10 Comments

  • I’m taking the liberty of adding one more tidbit to your marketing action item regarding email. “Unsubscribe”. I did a slew of that this morning and it feels wonderful. Adios to unwanted email!

    “To Actively Market – You Must Drive It, Not Park It”

    Sadness descends in myriad shades
    Picture a very glum setting and scene
    Carol Lynn and Ralph at the gas station
    A bent quarter stuck in the air machine

    Just having a static presence on the web
    Without keeping your site’s motor running
    Through evolving and testing and changing
    Means the cash register won’t be humming

    If you don’t update your website
    Your authority online will diminish
    Work to actively market your site
    Know your website is never finished

    When your email starts to get you down
    And your inbox’s a source of aggravation
    Stick to checking email just twice a day
    Prioritize, ignore it, or choose delegation

    Betty and Greg earned superfred stripes
    They surely intend to have marketing grit
    A cool new worksheet for visual branding
    Is part of the Marketing Game Changer Kit

    Since my Facebook reach is swiftly declining
    I’m declining to include any Facebook rhyming. 😉
    (My own special way of retaliating) LOL!

    • The title of this takes the cake, Melanie. I think it’s my favorite so far! Of course I love how you’re now adding titles. We’d better get on our job of creating those pages! And also that new resource…. ooo I’m giving myself new work every day. But having fun doing it 🙂 These poems sustain me. You may have gotten yourself into trouble here because now I look forward to new poetry with every post!

  • Been meaning to follow through
    On my promise to craft a haiku

    Web.Search.Social Haiku (5 syllables, 7 syllables, 5 syllables)

    Ralph and Carol Lynn
    Challenge the status quo of
    Marketing today

    In essence, your tagline’s promise IS your haiku! Imagine that. 😉

    • oooo I LOVE this! It must have been good karma when we came up with that. The universe knew it would need to be a haiku written by you one day 🙂 This one is going on the cover of the book!

      • Ahh … “good karma”. Kinda like lounging on your sofa with a fab book and a cup of coffee (or maybe even a lovely glass of Backhouse wine). 🙂

        I’m relishing in the vision of the book’s cover. Sweeeeet! OH, The Universe!

  • Dill-a-baw or Dill-a-bow…either way it works:) But wow…this podcast really got me thinking, especially in light of my recent conversation with Carol Lynn. Am I prepared to do all that’s really required to be done? Is my vision, intention and priorities in my life and business strong and compelling enough to make the commitment for the long haul? Your focus in your business, and your reminder about the amount of energy that needs to be put in ongoing has given me pause to reflect and think about whether or not I really want to take the next step in shifting and shaping a new direction. You’ve given me much to think about, and that’s good.

  • Hi Carol Lynn and Ralph,

    Wow Carol you know so much about Facebook, you really sound like a Facebook expert. As for me they give me a bit of a headache at this point.

    For some reason, for example, I rarely see you posts on there.

    I think that using the same type font and color to brand our business is a good idea, indeed.

    It would be too easy to just have a website and leave it parked there and that thing keeping making money, right? Or building some type of authority. That’s why businesses need to have a blog too. A blog will help keep the website alive and help people trust the business owner much better.

    Thanks for explaining how leaving a website stale is actually hurting you rather than helping you. I didn’t even think about that, but it makes sense.

    I agree we need to have a website that’s mobile. Just this morning I was looking at my blog on my phone and it looked pretty cool 🙂

    • Hi Sylviane,

      I know you just went through a redesign too so it’s great that you have a mobile site now! The number of people visiting our site (and our client sites) from mobile is getting bigger every day. It’s really amazing how much mobile traffic is out there. We (you and I and people in our space) are so entrenched in blogging that it’s just part of life. But plenty of people don’t blog and their sites sit around doing nothing. They don’t have social networks so you can’t find them anywhere. And it always seems shady or questionable to me that all they have is a website that does nothing, no way to find them except maybe a form. Something for people to think about if this sounds like them!