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Ian Anderson Gray Tells The #JasonWiserBot To Be Authentic And Not A Robot On Social

By February 5, 2015November 23rd, 2017Podcast, Ralph and Carol Lynn
Ian Anderson Gray Tells The #JasonWiserBot To Be Authentic And Not A Robot On Social

Show Notes

Freduary continues with this all-Fred episode! It’s a short one because our originally planned guest episode with Jeff Sieh ended up sounding pretty darn tinny and Jeff was kind enough to offer to reschedule and try again.

So today we talk about some of our favorite Freds, what they’ve got going on and how that can help you.

In This Episode We Talk About

  • Ryan Hanley’s fantastic new book
  • Jason T. Wiser and Nicholas Cardot’s “never use another social plugin again” social plugin
  • Ian Anderson Gray’s long awaited next blog post
  • Plus we welcome a new SuperFred into the fold as we continue our quest to take over the planet!

Links & Resources

Your Marketing Action Item

From Ralph: Make sure your site is not inadvertently blocking search engines. Go to Google and type in your domain and see what comes up. If your pages come up, you’re ok. But if you get a message that your site is being blocked, better fix it!

From Carol Lynn: Think about something in your business or industry that you feel strongly about – love it or hate it – and post your thoughts and commentary in a social status update. Mention a few people that you’d like to hear from and whose opinion you value and see what kind of engagement you get. Keep the conversation going!

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Join the discussion 27 Comments

  • Wow! I am speechless. I woke up this morning and saw a couple of pings about me telling the JasonWiserBot to start being authentic and almost panicked! What on earth have @facebook-1155715715:disqus and @ralphmrivera:disqus done now!
    But seriously, I was laughing my head off listening to parts of this episode as I was driving listening to it. Other drivers must have though I was a complete nutcase!
    I am glad it’s just me telling the JasonWiserBot what to do and not the actual authentic Jason T. Wiser!
    Thanks for the shoutout and sharing my belated blog post and for another really enjoyable (and informative, intelligent and entertaining) episode of Web Search Social. Seriously, it’s my top priority podcast each week!
    Which brings me on to something that you need to lanch. You need to launch JasonWiserBot the app! It could be an iOS/Android app or even just a web app. But either way, you need to channel the millions of dollars you have in the WebSearchSocial R&D fund into this. Can’t wait!

  • Thanks for giving our plugin so much love guys! We’ve got lots in the works for the future of Social Warfare and Warfare plugins as a company. It’s because of users like you that we continue to get better and better!

    • You see this is your problem, Dustin. And I don’t mean just you, I mean Jason and Nicholas as well. You’re not just great people, but you’re all insanely talented and have created the best social plugin out there. That’s just not on, and you should try harder to be more mediocre. If not, how are the rest of us going to cope?! 😉

      Seriously though I keep on recommending you. Today, I recommended Social Warfare on a Sendible webinar today where I was a panelist when we were discussing ways to get your brand heard. Always like to spread the love!

      • Mediocre isn’t in my vocabulary. I’m actually allergic to it– I start flailing violently like a lion that’s been caged.

        Thanks again man! Really appreciate you!

        • Well, I was thinking of creating a new course on my blog. It’s called “Seriously Social Mediocrity”. It aims to unleash the inner ordinariness in you. You might be allergic at the moment, but with my top tips you’ll soon be overflowing with a lack of inspiration and passableness. Usually my course costs $7999, but for you, Dustin, you can have it for just $9- because I am just that kind of guy. 😉
          Sorry, I am not sure if that was just my British humour kicking in, but couldn’t help myself.
          Can’t wait to hear what else you guys have up your sleeves!

          • Ian, this is WAY too funny for words! I absolutely adore the way your [creative goofy British] wheels turn.

            But there’s also several grains of truth here. “Mediocrity” abounds on the web — serious mediocrity. Makes for a pretty sad state of affairs. Let’s all pitch in and help Dustin banish his allergy. 🙂

          • Well thank you, it’s just the way my crazy brain works! I honestly don’t think we are going to win @DustinWStout:disqus over. He’s just to darn good to win over to the murky world of mediocrity! 😉

          • I concur with your thinking! Dustin will never be seen wandering the Valley of Mediocrity. 🙂

          • On top of your social media business, on top of being a wonderful baritone and of course on top of being the inspiration for the JasonTWiserBot and your various Web.Search.Social titles…. NOW you need to be a comedian. I see a whole market for marketing humor. And you could pull it off! If you turn this into a book I will be the first on line to buy it.

          • Thanks, Carol Lynn. I’ve never considered myself as a comedian, but I do like using humor (hope you like my American spelling!) in my articles. Sometimes that can be a good tool to teach and to poke fun at the dark side of marketing! You’ve got me thinking about the book though!

  • “Freduary SuperFreds”

    Jason’s Social Warfare plugin
    A product as sturdy as a tank
    Customized sharing at its best
    At $24, it won’t break the bank

    Sam is a brand new SuperFred
    He and Ralph love a good cigar
    Jeff’s podcast episode got nixed
    His beard has grown to the floor

    Ian Anderson Gray wrote a piece
    That went down the page for miles
    He wants us to stop being robots
    So sit with that thought for a while

    Ryan’s Content Warfare book
    Gets lots of thunder clapping
    Waiting for Manly Pinterest Tips
    For now, Jeff Sieh is napping

    Just for the record, this poem was not written by a robot. 😉

    • Just brilliant, Melanie. The world needs more poetry! Content marketers keep on going on about producing content in other formats such as images, videos and podcasts, but why not poetry? You do realise I was kind of turning that into a song in my head!

      • Oh, Ian, you’ve most assuredly made my day. Thank you!

        And, yes! I could almost hear you humming a melody. 😉

      • Ian, I’m seeing the next step in the evolution of all this asa new Sound Cloud channel of Web.Search.Social music sung by YOU, perhaps using Melanie’s poems as lyrics! It will be a counterpart to the JasonTWiserBot!

        • Now we’re talkin’ turkey! We’ve got a vocalist in the house! And a poet and a marketing team and resources at our fingertips. We’re sittin’ pretty. 😉

        • That sounds so fun. Could get my wife involved too- she’s a composer. I have quite a few friends who play with professional orchestras in the UK. Just channel that WebSearchSocial R&D budget into this and we’ll have a winner!

    • This one is truly a superfred poem! Now you’ve got me thinking of new ways to challenge you 🙂 See what you did? I’m thinking we need an all-star Fred poem! Everyone gets their own couplet. It’s dangerous to be this talented, my friend – then the rest of us just keep coming up with ways to get you to use it!

      • You want to challenge me in new ways?! Splendid. This is what I get for being a SuperFred. This is the reward for dipping my toes in podcast poetry. LOL!!

        Funny stuff aside …

        There’s not a day that passes where I’m not pondering over possibilities. Turn this body of work into a book? Hire myself out to write poems for podcasters? Etc. and so on. For now, I’m having a blast as Poet Laureate for WSS. I’m at home here. 🙂

        • Oh trust me, my gears spin constantly, too. We should put our heads together and come up with something fun – and marketable!

          • “Fun” and “marketable” — two of my favorite words. 😉

            I don’t mean to be a party crasher but …

            I believe it’s going to take some pretty intense creative thinking and brainstorming, Carol Lynn, to find an appropriate spot for poetry online and to develop a viable offering. Poetry, for some reason, is the sort of thing most people don’t give much thought to or have much of an interest in. My heart breaks a little having said that but it’s how I feel. So, yes! Let’s collaborate to double the brain power. 🙂

          • Ian seems to enjoy and appreciate poetry. Maybe we should ask if he’s got any ideas. Couldn’t hurt. After all, he’s a professional vocalist/musical artist so he probably has a keen understanding of talent that sits on the fringes.

          • Poetry does get a bad rap but I think most people think of poetry as that inexplicable stuff made of metaphors and mutisyllabic verbiage that your high school English teacher forced you to translate into something that sounded human.

            But poetry as you prove over and over is fun!

          • To me, of course, it’s pure unadulterated fun. Let’s hope the podcast poetry “fun” is contagious. 😉

    • I love this.. I can just see you walking around the house making up poems for everything that you do..